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Types of Transfer Credit


A two-year school, a four-year school or some of each: wherever you're from, start planning your transfer to EWU. Here's how.

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    At EWU, you may be able to transfer as many as 90 lower-division quarter credits and up to 45 upper-division quarter credits.

    Credits from two-year and four-year colleges and universities

    EWU accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities. If you completed transferable credits at another university, you may transfer up to 90 lower-division quarter credits toward your EWU bachelor's degree. In special situations you may transfer an additional 45 upper division quarter credits for a total of 135 quarter credits.

    Your Direct Transfer Agreement, Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer or Associate of Science Transfer degree as well as the Washington 45 are governed by this policy.

    Military Credits

    You may earn up to 45 quarter credits for military educational experiences. For example, if you took military classes while in the Air Force, you would provide your CCAF transcript to earn transfer credit for your transferable coursework. If you were in the Army, you would provide your DD214 or SMART transcript.

    Classes you took at colleges or universities while in the military would be classified as "credits from two-year and four-year colleges and universities" as outlined above.

    If you're on active duty or are a military veteran, or if you have a family member who is on active duty or a military veteran, be sure to explore the Veterans Resource Center. It's the largest VRC in the Pacific Northwest, and it can help you plan your transition to EWU.

    Experiential Credit

    If you're an adult student who has acquired substantial specialized training outside the classroom, you may earn up to 45 quarter credits for your experience. You can only earn these credits as part of a bachelor of arts degree in interdisciplinary studies. For more information, call the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at 509.359.2402 or email the program at

    Foreign Educational Credentials

    You can transfer credits to EWU from a university or college outside the United States. To learn more, contact a credential evaluator at 509.359.2397 or visit the the international student website.

    College Credit Earned in High School

    You can transfer some AP, IB, CLEP, Running Start, EWU in the High School, or other dual enrollment credits to EWU. 

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