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A two-year school, a four-year school or some of each: wherever you're from, start planning your transfer to EWU. Here's how.

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    Eastern Washington University is one of the best transfer schools in the country. Nearly 1,500 transfer students choose EWU each year, and this doesn't include the hundreds of incoming freshman who transfer credits from colleges and unversities throughout the United States.

    EWU has developed the state's most thorough and innovative transfer programs and articulation agreements, and our dedicated transfer center works with dozens of colleges to smooth the path for transfer students. It's safe to say you're in good hands here.

    When Will My Credits Be Evaluated?

    Students who have confirmed their admission, sent official transcripts and scheduled an advising appointment receive priority consideration for credit evaluation. 

    Remember: your transfer credit evaluation is a very complex process, especially if you have transfer credits from several schools. We take time to make sure we perform your evaluation right.

    Review All of Your Credits

    If you're a transfer student, you'll want to make sure you know the types of transfer credits that EWU accepts. You might have more transfer credits than you think.

    Match Your Courses to EWU Courses, a.k.a. Equivalency

    Use the Transfer Guide to discover which of your classes EWU accepts.

    If you've identified your future major at EWU, you probably know you'll need to take a particular course or two as a prerequisite. The Transfer Guide can help you find the equivalent course at your current college.

    Discover the Advantages of DTA and AAOT Degrees

    Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) and Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degrees offer students from the Pacific Northwest significant value when they transfer to EWU. If you're earning a DTA or AAOT, discover how it can positively impact your transfer experience.

    Learn about AS-T Degrees

    Associate of Science Transfer degrees are similar to DTA and AAOT degrees, and your AS-T degree grants you special advantages at EWU. See how you might be affected so you can make the best transfer plan possible.

    Make Sense of the Washington 45

    The Washington 45 is a state-wide initiative that helps you identify 45 credits that will transfer to all public four-year universities as well as many four-year private colleges and universities.

    If you're not a DTA, AAOT or AS-T transfer student, or if you're transferring after just one year at a public community or technical college, the Washington 45 can help you get a head start on your transfer planning.

    Review the College Credit You Earned in High School

    Did you take AP, IB, CLEP, Running Start, EWU in the High School, or other dual enrollment credits classes while you were in high school? Discover how those credits will transfer with you to EWU.

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