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Life as EWU Alumni


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    The EWU Alumni Assocation keeps Eagles connected long after they graduate, and there's a lot of connecting: EWU has more than 100,000 alumni.

    You might even be surprised at how successful EWU alumni are. Here's just a short list of their accomplishments.

    What Alumni Earn

    In 2012, EWU had an independent third party perform extensive research on EWU alumni's salaries and job satisfaction. The company looked at alumni who had graduated in 2009.

    You can find all the details and graphs at EWU's institutional research page.

    Alumni Give Back

    Alumni contribute to scholarships, campus building projects, program funding and more, and many EWU  students start giving back to the university even before they graduate. The Eagle commitment to philanthropy and giving is a matter of pride among students and alumni alike.

    Alumni also connect you to jobs through special programs like the EWU Young Professionals Network  (EWU YPN) and a lifetime of access to EWU's Career Services. In fact, the EWU YPN is the most active and successful college networking group in the region.

    It's also true what they say: Eagles watch out for each other.

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