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LGBTQA and EWU Pride


Get the lowdown on LGBTQA culture at EWU and in the region, and find resources that will connect you to the LGBTQA community.

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    When you become an Eagle, you join a family that celebrates and promotes the differences among all people. In 2009 EWU opened its Pride Center in the university's main administration building. EWU's LGBTQA community continues to grow each year, and last year EWU's Eagle Pride student club set new records for attendance and membership.

    LGBTQA on EWU's Campus

    Out or in, gay or straight, asexual or third gender, questioning or certain: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning students and their allies are always welcome at EWU.

    EWU's Pride Center hosts frequent events and programs throughout the year, and you can get connected even before you start your career as an EWU Eagle.

    LGBTQA in the Community

    The EWU Pride Center offers an extensive list of local and regional resources for LGBTQA students.

    In addition, students may find these resources helpful as they explore issues of diversity at EWU.

    LGBTQA Programs and Classes at EWU

    Explore how social roles associated with gender and sex affect families, economics, personal relationships, politics, language and power structures.

    Sample Programs that Address LGBTQA Issues

    Communication Studies
    Social Work
    Women's and Gender Studies

    Sample Classes that Address LGBTQA Issues

    CMST 452 Cultural Studies
    CMST 410 Language and Social Interaction
    CMST 413 Communication and Personal Relationships
    HUMN 415 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
    MGMT 424 Equity and Equality in the Workplace
    PSYC 340 Emotion and Emotional Intelligence
    PSYC 381 Social Psychology
    PSYC 474 Cultural Psychology
    PSYC 359 Human Sexuality
    PSYC 452 Social Influences
    PSYC 481 Prejudice and Stereotyping
    SOCI 321 Sex and Gender
    SOCI 370 Sociology of the Family
    SOCI 482 Identity and Power
    SOWK 448 Gay and Lesbian Issues for the Social Work Practitioner
    SOWK 470 Social Policy Analysis
    SOWK 378 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
    WMST 414 Gender and Communication

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    phone: 509.359.2397

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