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Printing in the Library


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    How can I print something out?

    JFK Library:  All of the computers in the JFK Library are networked to the print stations on every floor. When you click the Print button on the computer, a window pops up asking you to name your print job. You may call it anything, and you can use the same name - it's just to distinguish your print job versus someone else's. Go to the closest print station and either swipe your EagleCard to pay for printing using your $9/quarter print credit. Click on your job, and click the Print button. Printing is 5 cents a page for one-sided and 7 cents for a double-sided page.

    You can print from your laptop to a JFK printer.

    Spokane Academic Library: You can use one of the library's computers or laptops to print to the library's printer.

    Where can I put money on my EagleCard for printing and photocopying?

    The easy and quick method is to add value online using myEagleCard.   Want to use cash? Both JFK Library and Spokane Academic Library have a PHIL machine that lets you add money to your existing Flex account. Or you can purchase a blank card from the PHIL for $1, then add value to the card.   If you do not an active Flex account, visit the EagleCard Office in Tawanka. Visit the EagleFlex website for more information about all of your options.

    Can I use my $9/quarter print credit?

    JFK Library: all of the computers accept the print credit. Just use the print station with the swipe card reader in front of it, rather than the one where you stick the card into the black box/card reader.

    Spokane Academic Library: at this time, you cannot use your EWU print credit in the Spokane Academic Library.



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