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2013-14 Action Plan


The Action Plan for the 2013-2014 academic year

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    EWU Strategic Plan 2013-2014 Action Plan

    Goal 1 Student Success

    2013-2014 Actions

    • Complete Study/Recommend Change of EWU's Academic Calendar*
    President's Office
    • Launch Four Year Degree Pathway*
    Academic Affairs
    • Expand Transfer Center
    Academic Affairs
    • Complete General Education Reform
    Academic Affairs
    • Increase average GPA and SAT scores of entering freshman class by refocusing the target of who we recruit
    Student Affairs
    • Enhance living-learning environment in residence halls for first year students
    Student Affairs
    • Renovate the Pence Union Building to improve the student experience*
    Student Affairs/Business & Finance
    • Increase the diversity and inclusiveness of EWU
    President's Office


    Goal 2 Institution of Innovations

    2013-2014 Actions

    • Utilize eLearning, Offer Degree Programs and Certificates*
    Academic Affairs
    • Complete Sustainability Energy Center and EWU Community Garden*
    Academic Affairs / Advancement / Business and Finance
    • Establish Dual Admissions Program with the Community Colleges*
    Undergraduate Affairs
    • Complete Recycling Center
    Business and Finance


    Goal 3 Community Engagement

    2013-2014 Actions

    • Expand partnerships in the region*
    President's Office
    • Develop mentor relationships with EWU alumni
    Student Affairs
    • Increase student engagement in academic service learning and co-curricular service by 10%
    Academic Affairs


    Goal 4 Visibility

    2013-2014 Actions

    • Continue public phase of EWU's Capital Campaign*
    • Study Feasibility of Gateway Project*
    • Continue to leverage Athletics for increased community engagement and visibility*

    *Action has been carried over from year one

    Contact Information

    Office of the President
    214 Showalter Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6362
    fax: 509.359.7036

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