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Race 2009


Each year, EWU hosts the annual Intercollegiate Human Powered Paper Vehicle Engineering Competition. College teams from Washington, Idaho and Oregon participate in the event by creating human-powered vehicles almost entirely out of paper to see which team can build the best performing vehicle.

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    Team “Sasquatch” completes the course in a time of 1:57

    This was the 13th year for the Human Powered Paper Vehicle engineering competition and we had a great bunch of competitors. Most teams went with variations of traditional designs, however we did have a couple of the competition's most unusual entries, one of which took second place on the course. The most unique design was not fully operational, so it was difficult to really get a sense of how it might have worked, but in general it was a paper based dirigible designed to fly above the course. This design by team "Lighter Than Air" from Seattle Central Community College was an interesting concept. The other new design was a tricycle that used a rowing machine like drive mechanism. Although it seemed less practical, because of the inconsistent application of force used in a row, it proved itself on the course. The course also took its toll on the vehicles and several did not reach the finish line. Over testing was a contributor in more than one case.

    The vehicle performance winner "Team Sasquatch", from Spokane Falls Community College, tied the fifth best time ever with their sturdy and fast bicycle design. This year's second place team in vehicle performance was "Weyerhaeuser's Revenge", from Highline Community College. They did surprisingly well with their rowing machine tricycle.

    Teams took a variety of approaches to presenting their ideas including multimedia films, sound tracks, animated 3D designs, material samples, single person and full team presentations. The best presentation this year was by "Avocado's Number", from Highline Community College. They were followed closely by team "Rolling Papers", from Eastern Washington University.

    Team "Weyerhaeuser's Revenge" also took home the award for "Most Innovative Design", with their rowing drive train. Finally, team "Cardboard COG's" from Eastern Washington University took home the "Best Team Spirit" award, for their unified team theme that was evident in their vehicle, presentation and team regalia and for thier willingness to assist other teams before and during the race.

    If you are a student or faculty member and are looking into this competition for the first time, I hope you will consider joining us in the future. For those of you who participated in our competition, I look forward to seeing you and your new designs.

    Once again, thanks to all.
    Keith Turpin

    Too see the results, click here to download a PDF.

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