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2005 Race Photos


Each year, EWU hosts the annual Intercollegiate Human Powered Paper Vehicle Engineering Competition. College teams from Washington, Idaho and Oregon participate in the event by creating human-powered vehicles almost entirely out of paper to see which team can build the best performing vehicle.

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    Karen Turpin kept the registration process running smoothly.
    This year's awards
    Teams like “Die Koenigstigers”, shown here, were whisked away to start presentations right after registering.
    With so many good teams the judges had a tough job.
    Team “Paper Gators” started off the races. Paula Smith takes over from Jibril Leigh in the second pullout.
    Team “Paper Gators” had not even finished their run when the 38 Domino's pizzas showed up. After they finished everyone dug in.
    Team “Aftershock” member Mike Price crosses the finish line in a new record time of 1:21.
    Andrey Maslov put in a heroic effort for team “Sphaera Mus Muris”.
    Heather Baetge helped push team “Matrices” to a respectable finish time of 3:14.
    Team “Smoke Break's” unusual design was actually making a very good run until the ramp left John Anders without a front wheel.

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