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Electrical Engineering at North Seattle College


We are pleased you decided to visit us, and hope you might come in person sometime soon. Our department is friendly and attentive to students' needs, and it is easy to get acquainted with other students, staff, and faculty.

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    This page is specifically for the Electrical Engineering satellite program at North Seattle College. For information about the Electrical Engineering program at the main campus in Cheney, please click here. 


    Eastern Washington University and North Seattle College are proud to announce the expansion of our productive partnership! We are  announcing the addition of Dr. Arndam Das to our faculty on the North Seattle campus. Dr. Das brings extensive academic and industry experience to our program. His unique combination of talents will benefit our students earning a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering through Eastern Washington University on the North Seattle College campus.

    The program is ABET accredited and adheres to the same rigorous standards required of all ABET accredited electrical engineering programs. It requires a minimum of 180 quarter credit hours to complete. The degree combines studies in selected areas of physics, math, electronics, electricity, and science to prepare students to solve real world problems in electrical engineering. The first two years of the curriculum allow students to establish a solid foundation in mathematics and science, and to work on their general education requirements. The third year introduces students to a broad spectrum of electrical engineering coursework with specialization and capstone introduced in the fourth year.

    The coursework is taught by faculty members from both EWU and NSC through a series of distance education and regular classroom courses that include hands-on laboratories at the North Seattle campus. The addition of a new faculty member for fall of 2012 means more classes will be taught exclusively at the NSC campus.

    To qualify for the program students must apply to both Eastern Washington University and North Seattle College. Acceptance to the major is automatic once students have been accepted to both schools and have signed a major declaration card. Graduation requirements include achievement of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in departmental coursework, a 2.0 cumulative GPA for EWU coursework, and a 2.0 cumulative GPA in the general education requirements.

    The electrical engineering series of courses begins once each year in the fall, and students must have completed a year-long (either quarter or semester based) calculus based physics series as well as one year of calculus to begin the sequence of electrical engineering courses.

    NSCC Electrical Engineering Schedule

    For information on tuition rates, refer to the Special Program Tuition Rates page. Please note that the special tuition rates apply only to courses taught through EWU. All of the courses detailed in the first two years of the above chart, as well as the chemistry and cultural/gender diversity course can be taken at the NSC tuition rate or transfered in from other schools!

    For more information please contact Dr. Jabulani Nyathi, an EWU Engineering and Design faculty member and director of the EE Program at the North Seattle College satellite campus. Office: IB 2324A, 206.934.4548,

    EE Advising Package for the NSC Campus:

    Academic Year 2013/14
    Academic Year 2010
    Academic Year 2009/10

    Important Links:
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    North Seattle College Admissions:

    Contact Information

    Engineering & Design
    319G Computing & Engineering Building
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6254
    fax: 509.359.6420

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