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BS in Applied Technology


We are pleased you decided to visit us, and hope you might come in person sometime soon. Our department is friendly and attentive to students' needs, and it is easy to get acquainted with other students, staff, and faculty.

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    This program is designed for students who have graduated with an associate degree in a technical area from a variety of Washington state community colleges. (See list below.) This degree allows students to continue their education by taking additional advanced technology courses, general education coursework, and supporting courses to complete a bachelor of science degree.

    Currently this degree is available to graduates of the following programs:

    Bellevue College AA Animation and Graphics,  AA Network Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM),  AA Web Multimedia Authoring
    Big Bend Community College AAS Software and Web Development, AAS-T Software and Web Development, AAS System Administration, AAS-T System Administration, ASS Industrial Systems Technology, ASS Industrial Systems Technology, 
    Cascadia Community College AAS-T Network Technology, AAS Network Infrastructure Technology, AAS Web Applications Programing Technology, AAS Web Applications Programing Technology, AAS Web Applications Programing Technology, 
    Centralia College AAS Computer Science Technology, AAS Diesel Equipment Technology, AAS Electronics,  Robotics & Automation (ERA), AAS Energy Technology/Power Operations, 
    Clark Community College AASComputer Network Administrator, AATMicrosoft Server Technology, AASData Networks & Telecommunications, AATCisco Network Technology, AAS Electronics Technology, AAT Industrial Maintenance Technologies, AAT Mechatronics, AAS Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technology, AAS Microcomputer Support Specialist, AAT Network Technologies, AAS Computer Support Specialist, AAS Software Solutions Development, AAT Web Design & Development, AAS Medical Radiography
    Columbia Basin College AAS Database Administrator, AAS Engineering Technology, AAS Help Desk Technician, AAS Internet Specialist, AAS Machine Technology, AAS Multimedia, AAS Network Administrator, AAS Programming and Software Development, AAS Radiologic Technology
    Edmonds Community College ATA Network Technology
    Grays Harbor College AAS Energy Technology
    Green River Community College AAS-TIT Information Assurance
    Highline Community College AAS Network Specialist
    Lake Washington Technical College AAS Computer Security & Networking
    Lower Columbia College AAS Information Technology Systems - Transfer,  AAS Information Technology Systems, AAS Computer Specialist,  AAS Electronics
    North Seattle Community College AASElectronics Technology, AAS-TNetwork Infrastructure/Security Support, AASComputer Information Systems Programming
    Portland Community College AAS Website Development and Design
    Renton Technical College AAS Computer Network Technology, AAS Computer Science, AAS Electronic Eng Tech
    Seattle Central Community College AA Applications Support, AA Network Design & Administration, AAS Business Information Technology, AAS-T Biotechnology, AAS-T Info Tech-Programming, AAS-TIT Network Design, AAS-T Network Administration, AAS-T Programming, AAS-T Web Design, AAS-T Web Development
    South Puget Sound CCAA Computer Networking, ATA Computer Network Administration
    South Seattle Community College AAS Software Engineering, AAS Network Administration, AAS LAN Applications-Help Desk, AAS Business Information Technology
    Spokane Community College AAS Architectural Technology, AAS Biomedical Equipment Technician, AAS CAD DEsign and Drafting, AAS CAD Design and Drafting - Mechanical Design Technology, AAS Civil Engineering Technology, AAS Electrical Maintenance and Automation, AAS Electrical Maintenance and Automation, AAS Electronics Engineering Technician, AAS Electronics Engineering Technician, AAS Electronics Engineering Technician, AAS Machinist/CNC Technology, AAS Network Design & Administration, Previous name: Network Engineering (still valid), AAS Radiology Technology, AAS Software Development
    Spokane Falls Community College AAS Information Technology (SFCC only, not the same as the SCC degree with the same name)
    Tacoma Community College AAS Networking & Convergence Technologies
    Walla Walla Community College AAAS Digital Design, AAAS Energy Systems Technology, AAAS Energy Systems Technology, AAAS Energy - Plant Operations, AAAS Engineering Technology, AAAS Mechatronics, AAAS Networking, AAAS Software Design, AAAS Wind Energy Technology
    Yakima Valley Community College AAS Civil Engineering Technology, AAS Construction Design Technology, AAS Information Technology (IT), AAS Information Technology (IT), AAS Information Technology (IT)

    What will I study?

    Required Departmental Courses

    TECH 330 Technology Problem Analysis and Design I (4)

    TECH 331 Technology Problem Analysis and Design II (4)

    TECH 393 Technology in World Civilization (4)

    TECH 403 Computer-Aided Design and Project Management (4)

    TECH 452 Engineering Economics (4)

    TECH 454 Environmental Engineering (4)

    TECH 456 Engineering Ethics, Contracts and Patents (4)

    TECH 458 Quality Assurance (4)

    TECH 462 Industrial Safety Engineering (4)

    TECH 490 Senior Capstone: Production Laboratory (4)

    TECH 491 Senior Project (6) (3-10 credits but limited to 6 for the program)

    TECH 495 Internship (10)  

    Required Supporting Outside Department Courses

    Any General Science course-5 credits in general science in any course equivalent to an EWU approved general science course (5)

    CHEM 121 Chemistry and its Role in Society (5) or CHEM 151 General Chemistry

    (5) MATH 142 Precalculus II (5) or MATH 107 Mathematical Reasoning (5)

    PHIL 210 Critical Thinking (5)

    PHYS 100 Physical Science (5)  

    Total credits for above option 81 credits


    Note: Entrance into this program requires an AAS, or similar degree in an approved area from an accredited two-year college (see above list of approved degrees.) Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA for the technology coursework in the AAS, degree. Graduation requires maintaining an overall GPA of 2.5 for this option.
    *Note: 5 credits in general science in any course equivalent to an EWU approved general science course.
    Note: this program requires an average of 15.16 credits per quarter to complete in two years. The 91 credits are based on the following assumption: Students will have satisfied University Competencies. If this assumption is not true, then the student will have to complete up to six more credits of classes.

    Contact Information

    Engineering & Design
    319G Computing & Engineering Building
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.4831
    fax: 509.359.6420

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