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The School of Social Work embraces the mission of Eastern Washington University to expand opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning. The School's Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) Programs are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

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    Below, you will find a listing of faculty for the school of Social Work. If you are unsure of whom to contact with your questions, please call the main office at 509.359.6482.

    Bipasha Biswas

    Associate Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 332)
    Phone: 509.359.7339
    Fax: 509.359.7339
    Curriculum Vitae

    MSW Bombay University, PhD Washington University. Scholarly interests include epidemiology and etiology of risky sexual behaviors, HIV/AIDS prevention, and international social work.

    Sharon Bowland

    Associate Professor/MSW Director/Aging Studies Director
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 229)
    Phone: 509.359.4584
    Fax: 509.359.4584
    Curriculum Vitae

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PhD from Washington University in St. Louis, MSW from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Master's in Pastoral Studies (MPS) from Loyola University, Chicago. Her scholarly and research interests include behavioral health practice, trauma-informed interventions, aging, and spirituality. Sharon is a John A. Hartford Faculty Scholar in Social Work. In 2012 she was awarded a research grant to study the needs and concerns of older African-American women survivors of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence over the life course.

    Lu Brown

    Senior Lecturer
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 114)
    Phone: 509.359.6425
    Fax: 509.359.6425
    Curriculum Vitae

    Senior Lecturer, Associate Director of Field Education. MSW Eastern Washington University. Scholarly interests include policy advocacy and social justice.

    Ed Byrnes, PhD

    Professor/BASW Program Director
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 316)
    Phone: 509.359.2294
    Fax: 509.359.2294
    Curriculum Vitae

    BASW Program Director. MSW and PhD University of Utah. Scholarly interests include juvenile and criminal justice, social justice, and program evaluation.

    Stacey Chay

    Lecturer, Director of the MSW Hybrid Program
    668 N. Riverpoint Blvd, Eastern Washington Center, Room 221
    Phone: 509.828.1406
    Curriculum Vitae

    Stacey Chay joined the EWU School of Social Work in Fall 2011 as a Faculty Field Instructor. She is now the Program Director for the Spokane based MSW Hybrid program. She has a A.S. in Paralegal Studies, specializing in Landlord-Tenant Law, a B.S. in Psychology and a BASW. She received her MSW from the Eastern Washington University in 2003. She has worked in a number of different practice settings including Children's Administration, Frontier Behavioral Health and the Spokane County Regional Support Network.  Her practice interests include: behavioral health and substance use disorders, suicide prevention, law and ethics and policy.

    Mary Ann Clute, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 330)
    Phone: 509.359.2377
    Fax: 509.359.2377
    Curriculum Vitae

    Associate Professor. MSW Eastern Washington University, PhD Mandel School of Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Scholarly interests include hospice care and grief and loss.

    Grace Creasman

    Director of the Addiction Studies (ADST) Program/Senior Lecturer
    Phase 1, #239 (Mail Stop: RPT 239)
    Phone: 509.828.1437
    Fax: 509.828.1437
    Curriculum Vitae
    MSW Eastern Washington University, MA Adult Education. Scholarly interests include addiction studies and online learning.

    Thomas Crofoot

    EWU: Senior Hall 102 | Clark College: BHL 127
    Phone: EWU: 509.359.4586
    Curriculum Vitae

    MSW Portland State University, PhD University of Washington. Scholarly interests include mental health and substance abuse, American Indian and Alaskan Native children and families.

    Kathryn DePaolis

    Assistant Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 216)
    Phone: 509.359.4538
    Fax: 509.359.4538
    Curriculum Vitae

    MSW University of Illinois at Chicago, PhD from University of Kansas. Her scholarly and research interests include bullying and peer victimization, with a specific interest in cyberbullying, among children and adolescents and anti-bullying prevention and intervention strategies; social policy; and social justice.

    Beth Halaas

    Assistant Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 328)
    Phone: 509.359.6480
    Fax: 509.359.6480

    MSW UCLA, EdD Cal State University, Northridge.  Scholarly interests include gatekeeping and suitability in social work higher education, implementation science/translational research and organizational leadership in practice settings.

    Timothy Hilton, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 214)
    Phone: 509.359.6832
    Fax: 509.359.6832
    Curriculum Vitae

    MSW and PhD University of Chicago.  Research interests include: homelessness and poverty, employment and low-wage work, and organizational theory.

    Israel, Andrew B., MSW, JD

    Professor, Director & Chair
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 116)
    Phone: (509)-359-4567
    Fax: (509)-359-4567

    Andrew B. Israel is Director and Chair of the School of Social Work. As a licensed attorney, he received his Juris Doctor degree from Syracuse University in 1982, where he served as Lead Articles Editor of the Syracuse Law Review, and subsequently his Master of Social Work degree from New Mexico Highlands University. He is the author of Applied Law in the Behavioral Health Professions (Lang, 2002) and Using the Law: Practice Decision Making in Mental Health (Lyceum, 2011) . Dr. Israel formerly served as Associate Dean and Interim Dean of the New Mexico Highlands School of Social Work. His primary interests lie in legal and ethical decision-making, social policy analysis, community organizing and grant writing.

    Shawnti Johnson

    Lecturer & Everett MSW Director
    915 N. Broadway, 307, Everett, WA 98201
    Phone: 425) 405-1629
    Fax: 425) 405-1629

    Lecturer. MSW Eastern Washington University. Scholarly interests focus on child welfare and child safety in state regulated care.

    Jodi Kerbs

    Lecturer, Vancouver Part-time MSW & BASE Program Director.
    EWU at Clark College
    Phone: 360.992.2082
    Curriculum Vitae
    MSW and PhD Portland State University. Scholarly interests include juvenile justice, children and family services, mental health and disabilities.

    Rie Kobayashi

    Associate Professor
    Phase I, Room 218; 668 North Riverpoint Blvd., Spokane (Mail Stop: RPT 239)
    Phone: 509.828.1335
    Fax: 509.828.1335

    MSW and PhD Michigan State University. Scholarly interests include interdisciplinary collaborations and social work in healthcare settings.

    Rumyana Kudeva

    Assistant Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 310)
    Phone: 509.359.4547
    Fax: 509.359.4547
    Curriculum Vitae

    MSW from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Bulgaria; DSW from University of Pennsylvania. Scholarly interests include women's reproductive rights and mental health, perinatal social work, trauma and grief, trauma-informed interventions and systems, social work with children, youth and families, disability studies.

    Hayley Lake

    Addiction Studies (ADST) Senior Lecturer
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 324)
    Phone: 509.359.6914
    Fax: 509.359.6914
    Curriculum Vitae

    BS and MS Eastern Washington University.  Scholarly interests include coexisting behavioral & mental health disorders and addictions. She holds a certificate in online course development from the University of Wisconsin.

    Vernon Loke

    Associate Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 322)
    Phone: 509.359.4564
    Fax: 509.359.4564
    Curriculum Vitae
    M Soc Sci (Social Work) National University of Singapore, PhD George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. Scholarly interests include asset building and economic empowerment of disadvantaged populations, and program evaluation.

    Romel Mackelprang

    Director of Disability Studies (DSST)/Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 233)
    Phone: 509.359.6484
    Fax: 509.359.6484
    Curriculum Vitae

    MSW and DSW University of Utah. Scholarly interests include disability studies and international social work.

    Cynthia Nover, PhD, LCSW

    Assistant Professor
    Phase I, Room 217; 668 North Riverpoint Blvd., Spokane (Mail Stop: RPT 239)
    Phone: 509.828.1209
    Fax: 509.828.1209
    Curriculum Vitae

    Nover, Cynthia, Assistant Professor. MSW, California State University, Sacramento, PhD, University of Utah. Scholarly interests include: health care, health disparities, chronic illness and behavioral health.


    Amanda Reedy

    Assistant Professor
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 312)
    Phone: 509.359.6486
    Fax: 509.359.6486
    Curriculum Vitae

    MSW and PhD The University of Iowa. Scholarly interests include co-existing disorders and veterans and their families.

    Deborah V. Svoboda, MSW PhD

    Assistant Professor, Affiliated Faculty of Women’s and Gender Studies
    Senior Hall 102 (Office: SNR 326)
    Phone: (509)-359-6470
    Fax: (509)-359-6470
    Curriculum Vitae

    Deb Svoboda received a MSW from Rutgers University in New Jersey and a PhD in Social Work from the University of Maryland in Baltimore. She has twenty years of experience post MSW working in domestic violence and rape crisis centers. Deb's teaching and research interests revolve around community building, feminist teaching structures, building women's leadership, organizational development, and justice seeking policy construction related to gender based violence and economic disparity. 


    Contact Information

    Susan Thompson, SOWK Student Services & Admissions Coordinator
    125 Senior Hall / Mail Stop: SNR 102
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6485
    fax: 509.359.6475

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