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Social Studies


Social studies education is a certificate program leading to a bachelor of arts in education. Working with the Department of Education, students will receive a state-endorsed major in the area of social studies. The curriculum is made up of five core areas: history, geography, anthropology/sociology, government and economics. Social studies teachers enable their students to understand the social nature of the world and the interrelated institutions in society through a strong historical approach.

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    Students will:

    Degree Options

    What are the degree options?

    At the undergraduate level, the Social Studies Education Program leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree and provides a broad-based preparation for teachers of the social studies in grades 4-12.

    The program is supported by the following departments: Geography/Anthropology, Economics, Government, History, and Sociology. Students interested in pursuing an in-depth study of social science or social studies education should consult with the Social Studies Program director to develop an individual program of study and field experience. One major and one minor program in social studies education are available at the elementary level. Fifth-year programs for both elementary and secondary are also offered by the program.

    Living History Institute website.

    Certification Information for Social Studies Education:

    Fifth-Year Programs - All Levels

    The student should consult with an advisor to develop a program of studies in areas where teaching experience indicates a need for concentration or expansion.

    Endorsements Associated with Baccalaureate Majors and Minors: Social Studies/Secondary (BAE) major satisfies the Primary Endorsement: 4-12.

    Endorsement Add-On:

    Social Studies Education, 4-12. Constitutes a primary endorsement for those possessing a BA in one of the social studies.

    What can I do with my degree?

    Contact Information

    Social Studies Program
    204P Patterson Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.4824
    fax: 509.359.4275

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