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Field Study, Internships, & Research in Psychology


All undergraduate students pursuing the BS or BA in Psychology must complete a focused experience involving either field work (internship), research-related seminars or directed study as a research assistant.

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    Internship experiences (PSYC 395/495)

    Internships are one way you can satisfy the experiential requirement to graduate with a major in Psychology. There are a wide variety of internships available in both the Cheney and Spokane area. For each credit, you are required to volunteer for 40 hours over the quarter. Typically, this is done by volunteering 4 hours per week for 10 weeks. You are responsible for the initial contact with the internship site. We have a list of sites that other students have obtained internships and can make those available to you. If you are interested in internships, contact Dennis at 359.2087 or visit his office in 151A Martin Hall to plan and enroll in a psychology internship. You can also reach him via email at

    Research experiences (PSYC 399/499)

    Directed studies experiences are made available through individual faculty who run their own laboratory student groups. Students serve as research assistants to the faculty as they develop and conduct psychological research experiments and other scholarly research activities. Such opportunities provide students with chances to become co-presenters for research presentations done at conferences and co-authors for journal articles. Students may enroll in these "by permission only", variable credit courses by contacting one of the faculty.

    Field study (PSYC 492,493,494)

    During the senior year, students who have declared a BS major in Applied Developmental Psychology must complete a field study. You must have successfully completed both PSYC 305 (Child and Adolescent Development) and PSYC 324 (Human Learning). You must meet with department field study advisor to discuss eligibility, placement, and preparation. Ideally, you will do this before the time of registration for the quarter you wish to begin field study. You are required to complete two consecutive quarters of field study and in each quarter to complete a minimum of 120 hours. You are required to earn at least satisfactory marks on the midterm and final evaluation forms from their site supervisor. In addition to the on-site hours, you are required to attend one 50-minute class session each week during the quarter and are expected to complete all assignments and activities. For more information about field study, please contact Heidi Hillman at 359.6864.


    Contact Information

    Nick Jackson, PhD
    Department Chair
    135 Martin Hall, Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6227
    fax: 509.359.4366

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