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Applied Field Study Instructions


description of field study course

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    During the senior year, students who have declared a Applied Developmental major must complete a field study.

    Below are the steps to complete a successful field study experience.

    1. You must have senior standing in the department.
    2. You must have successfully completed both PSYC 305 (Child and Adolescent Development) and PSYC 324 (Human Learning).
    3. You must meet with department field study advisor to discuss eligibility, placement, and preparation, including how to properly access and complete the official learning contract (see item #5 below). Ideally, you will do this before the time of registration for the quarter you wish to begin field study.
    4. You will register for four (4) credits during winter quarter (section 21) and 4 credits during spring quarter (section 22) by taking PSYC 492 (Field Study in Child Issues), PSYC 493 (Field Study in Adolescent Issues), or PSYC 494 (Field Study in Adult Issues). The advisor's signature is required on the add/drop form in order to register in person at Sutton Hall. You should plan to compete both winter and spring quarter field study at the same site, but will need to register separately for each quarter. 
    5. You can then access the EWU Career Services website to register on EAGLE AXIS if you do not already have an account. From the linked page, you can download the required documents from the link called "Internship Documents." These documents include the official learning contract. If you need in person help, please contact Career Services office at 114 Showalter Hall. 
    6. You are required to complete two consecutive quarters of field study and in each quarter to complete a minimum of 120 hours. These hours are verified in writing by the student's site supervisor and must be completed no later than the end of the last day of instruction for that quarter. 
    7. You are required to earn at least satisfactory marks on the midterm and final evaluation forms from their site supervisor. During the quarter, you must turn in a copy each of the midterm evaluation and final evaluation (to be completed by the site supervisor).
    8. In addition to the on-site hours, you are required to attend one 50-minute class session each week during the quarter and are expected to complete all assignments and activities. If you do not miss class or have no more than one excused absence during the quarter, you may reduce your minimum hours at your site by 10 hours, from 120 hours to 110 hours.

    For more information, please contact Heidi Hillman at 509.359.6864.




    Contact Information

    Nick Jackson, PhD
    Department Chair
    135 Martin Hall, Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6227
    fax: 509.359.4366

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