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Minors in Psychology


Three minors are available.

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     Minors offered are Psychology or Applied Developmental Psychology.


    Minor in Applied Developmental Psychology

    Choice of 15 credits from the following list in consultation with an advisor. (PSYC 304, 484 or 485 cannot be included.)


    Minor in Psychology

    The Psychology minor requires: (20 credits total)

    PSYC 309 Scientific Principles of Psychology (5)
    CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics (5)
    PSYC 313 Research Methods in Psychology (5)
    PSYC 395/495 Internship*
    PSYC 398/498 Seminar
    PSYC 399/499 Directed Study*
    PSYC 301 Theories of Personality (5)
    PSYC 302 Abnormal Psychology (5)
    PSYC 303 Foundations of Psychotherapy (5)
    Psyc 305 Child and Adolescent Development (4)
    OR (only 1 developmental course will be counted towards the psychology minor)
    PSYC 306 Adult Development (4)
    PSYC 316 Human Memory and Cognition (5)
    PSYC 324 Conditioning and Learning (5)
    PSYC 340 Emotion and Emotional Intelligence (5)
    PSYC 381 Social Psychology (5)
    PSYC 420 Biological Basis of Behavior (5)
    PSYC 474 Cultural Psychology (4)
    CSBS 321 Computerized Statistical Analysis (4)
    PSYC 314 Tests and Measurements (5)
    PSYC 317 Health Psychology (5)
    PSYC 318 Computerized Research Techniques in Psychology (4)
    PSYC 323 Drugs and Behavior (5) [ADST 300 (4)]
    PSYC 325 Cognitive and Behavioral Learning (4)
    PSYC 331 Psychology of Women (4)
    PSYC 359 Human Sexuality (5)
    PSYC 425 Psychology and the Legal System (5)
    PSYC 427 Psychology of Intimate Relationships (5)
    PSYC 430 Human Psychophysiology (5)
    PSYC 431 Stress and Coping (3)
    PSYC 433 Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy (3)
    PSYC 440 Happiness and Positive Psychology (5)
    PSYC 450 Trauma: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment (4)
    PSYC 452 Social Influences (4)

    PSYC 461 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (5)
    PSYC 470 Childhood Psychopathology and Treatment (4)
    PSYC 481 Prejudice and Stereotyping (5)
    PSYC 496 Experimental Course


    What will I study?

    Using the processes and principles of human development as a foundation, students learn to think critically and work skillfully in settings such as mental health agencies, day care centers, special education classrooms, support agencies for persons with developmental delays, convalescent hospitals and many other social service settings. They will be able to use psychological and developmental principles to understand conflict, to generate alternate responses, to act on educated judgment, to modify contexts to bring about desired changes while recognizing the dignity of persons, to promote human welfare and to maintain scholarly integrity. The department integrates a solid theoretical base with applied experiences in all programs.

    Contact Information

    Nick Jackson, PhD
    Department Chair
    135 Martin Hall, Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6227
    fax: 509.359.4366

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