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Psychology Major (BA)


Psychology Major (BA)

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    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    General Admissions Information for Psychology: High school students should have at least one year of algebra. Social science courses, including psychology, and natural science courses, such as biology and chemistry, are also encouraged. Transfer students may be given credit for appropriate transfer courses in the major and for electives.

    Note: To declare psychology as a major, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and have taken and passed PSYC 100 or its equivalent with a 2.0 or higher.

    General Degree Completion Requirements for Psychology

    Students who major in psychology but who transfer some lower division psychology coursework from other colleges/universities must complete at least 55 hours of upper division credits in the 70 credit psychology major.

    Note: Students must attain a minimum of a 2.0 grade for the required courses: PSYC 100, PSYC 309, CSBS 320, PSYC 313, PSYC 395/ 495, PSYC 398/498 and PSYC 399/499.

    Capstone Course: The University capstone requirement can be met by the department capstone course, PSYC 490, Senior Capstone: The Tradition of Psychology.

    Students will:

    What will I study?

    Required courses are designed to provide students with the foundations of the field. Through careful planning in the selection of cluster and elective courses, students may develop a program of study to prepare for application to graduate school programs or meet specific career goals in psychology-related business/human services occupations.

    Note: two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign language is required.

    Prerequisite Course (5 credits)
    PSYC 100 General Psychology (5)

    Required Courses (15 credits)
    PSYC 309 Scientific Principles of Psychology (5)
    CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics (5)
    PSYC 313 Research Methods in Psychology (5)

    Focus Experience Courses-Students choose from any combination of the following (3 credits minimum)
    PSYC 395/495 Internship*
    PSYC 398/498 Seminar
    PSYC 399/499 Directed Study*
    *Instructor's permission required.

    In addition to the core course requirements, psychology majors are required to take a specified number of courses from two clusters or groups of courses as follows:

    Cluster A: Core Courses. Students are required to take at least four of the following courses (19-20 credits)

    PSYC 301 Theories of Personality (5)
    PSYC 302 Abnormal Psychology (5)
    PSYC 303 Foundations of Psychotherapy (5)

    Psyc 305 Child and Adolescent Development (4)
    OR (only 1 developmental course will be counted towards the BA degree)
    PSYC 306 Adult Development (4)

    PSYC 316 Human Memory and Cognition (5)
    PSYC 324 Conditioning and Learning (5)
    PSYC 340 Emotion and Emotional Intelligence (5)
    PSYC 381 Social Psychology (5)
    PSYC 420 Biological Basis of Behavior (5)
    PSYC 474 Cultural Psychology (5)

    Note: PSYC 305 or PSYC 306 may be used to count as one of the Cluster A courses. Both courses will not count towards the BA degree.

    Cluster B: Applied/Lab and Specialty Courses. Students are required to take at least three of the following courses (11-15 credits)
    CSBS 321 Computerized Statistical Analysis (4)
    PSYC 314 Tests and Measurements (5)
    PSYC 317 Health Psychology (5)
    PSYC 318 Computerized Research Techniques in Psychology (4)
    PSYC 323 Drugs and Behavior (5) [ADST 300 (4)]
    PSYC 325 Cognitive and Behavioral Learning (4)
    PSYC 331 Psychology of Women (4)
    PSYC 359 Human Sexuality (5)
    PSYC 425 Psychology and the Legal System (5)
    PSYC 427 Psychology of Intimate Relationships (5)
    PSYC 430 Human Psychophysiology (5)
    PSYC 431 Stress and Coping (3)

    PSYC 433 Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy (3)
    PSYC 440 Happiness and Positive Psychology (5)
    PSYC 450 Trauma: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment (4)
    PSYC 452 Social Influences (4)
    PSYC 470 Childhood Psychopathology and Treatment (5)
    PSYC 481 Prejudice and Stereotyping (5)

    PSYC 496 Experimental Course
    PSYC 497 Workshops, short courses and conferences may be counted as a cluster course or elective as approved by the department chair.


    Electives (12-18 credits)
    Note: the courses used as electives in the major must come from any of the above courses that are not used to meet the minimum cluster requirements or other courses as approved by the department chair. The University capstone requirement can be met by PSYC 490, Senior Capstone: The Tradition of Psychology (6 credits), which also counts as an elective credit. Other capstones such as PSYC 490A, PSYC 490B, PSYC 491, or ITGS 400 will not count towards elective credits within the BA major.

    Required prerequisite credits 5 credits
    Required common core credits 15 credits
    Required focus experience credits 3 credits
    Required cluster A credits 19-20 credits
    Required cluster B credits 11-15 credits
    Psychology elective credits (see note) 12-18 credits
    Minimum total credits for above major 70 credits

    Contact Information

    Nick Jackson, PhD
    Department Chair
    135 Martin Hall, Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6227
    fax: 509.359.4366

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