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Children's Studies


Eastern Washington University's major in Children's Studies was the first in the nation. The curriculum of this interdisciplinary program focuses on the developmental, learning and social issues of children from birth to 18. The Children's Studies major incorporates coursework from departments across the University, including Education, Psychology, Geography, and Social Work.

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    The curriculum of this interdisciplinary program provides a strong holistic background in the study of children, from birth to adolescence. Theory and practice, from a variety of disciplines, form the basis for this integrated curriculum. Children's studies courses provide foundational and global perspectives of children and childhood. A choice of concentration areas, culminating in a capstone experience, allows students to connect effectively with specific career opportunities.  The Children's studies perspective emphasizes comprehensive studies of children's lives and respect for children's experiences.


    Student Learning Outcomes

    Students will:

    Degree Options

    What are the degree options?

    Core Courses

    Concentration Areas

    Designed for students interested in pursuing certification in Child Life with the Association of Child Life Professionals, and for those pursuing graduate work for future employment in medical fields working with children (e.g. Medical Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Pediatric Physician or Dentist, etc.). *Please note that medical degree programs may have additional prerequisite courses to complete as part of the bachelor's degree that may not be included in this option.

    Designed for students interested in pursuing work with children and/or families at the agency level. The scope of applicable careers is vast (e.g. adoption agencies, district health and services agencies, court appointed special advocates (CASA), program directors, agency support.

    Designed for students interested in assisting young children and their families in accessing early learning opportunities and providing case management services, and assisting parents in meeting the needs of their children, empowering parents in their roles as primary influencers on their children's education and development, and facilitating positive parent, school, and student relationships. Students who specialize in option C will receive a certificate in child and family support.

    Separate from the three options will be a certificate in Child and Family Support. This certificate will be available to majors who specialize in option C and to non-majors throughout the University. This certificate will provide a foundation for work as a child and family support specialist.


    What can I do with my degree?

    The BA in chidren's studies boasts breadth and depth, offering students the benefit of perspectives from varied disciplines as well as research opportunity with practitioners in the field, relevant internships and career counseling.

    Some career options for students pursuing a major in children's studies:

    *Please note some of these career options will require additional graduate-level degrees in the applicable fields of study.

    Contact Information

    Children's Studies
    122 Senior Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.4826
    fax: 509.359.6475

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