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BA in Anthropology


Bachelor of the Arts in Anthropology

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    Students will:

    What will I study?

    Note: two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign language is required for this major.
    Required Courses

    Disciplinary Foundation Course (5 credits)
    ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology (5)

    CSBS Foundation Courses (5 credits)
    CSBS 310 Foundations of Social Behavioral Science Theory (5)

    Choose one of the following courses (5 credits)
    CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (5)
    CSBS 331 Documents-Based Research Methods (5)
    GEOG 328 Geographic Information Systems I (5)

    Disciplinary Core Courses (29 credits)
    ANTH 301 Principles of Archaeology (5)
    ANTH 345 Physical Anthropology (5)
    ANTH 401 Anthropological Research Methods (5)
    ANTH 444 Development of Anthropological Theory (5)
    ANTH 445 Anthropological Linguistics (5)
    ANTH 490 Senior Capstone (4)

    Assessment (1 credits)
    ANTH 493 Portfolio Assessment (1)

    Electives-Choose one of the following (25-30 credits)
    a. Traditional four-feld emphasis in Anthropology
    Choose an additional 30 credits from any courses with an ANTH prefx.

    b. A certifcate program
    Select one of the focused, interdisciplinary certifcates approved for the Anthropology major
    (consult department for list) 25-30 credits.

    c. Specialization focus
    Under certain circumstances the student majoring in anthropology, in consultation with the advisor and chair, may design a set of 30 credits of electives that best prepares them for a specialty in anthropology he/she wishes to pursue.
    Note: the student majoring in anthropology may do more than this elective minimum.
    Note: the Anthropology major does not require a minor

    Disciplinary foundation credits 5 credits
    Social and behavior science foundation credits 10 credits
    Disciplinary core courses credits 29 credits
    Assessment credits 1 credits
    Elective credits 25-30 credits
    Minimum total credits for above major 70 credits

    Contact Information

    Department of Geography and Anthropology
    110 Isle Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2433

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