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Creating that positive internship experience

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    Thank you for your participation in the EWU Career Services Internship Program. The information on this page will help guide you through the different aspects of supervising an EWU intern. However, it is your expertise and involvement that will help ensure the intern's successful experience.

    When thinking of that positive internship experience, the ideal is to promote what we call "The 3 Pillars of a Successful Internship."  The three pillars in this case are the academic deparments, the internship sites and the Office of Career Services.  Together these three components must have a streamline of communication and harmony in order to shape the kind of internship experience the student can have.  Students will need to invest time in all three fields, but without a fully integrated academic and professional component, it will be difficult for students to cross-references their learning. Additionally, without the Career Services component, the student can be at a disadvantage when effectively projecting those applied skills to their employers. It is this kind of harmony that we strive for when interacting with employers, faculty, and students, and it is in our hope that we can all have a hand in creating and preserving this relationship.

    With regards to the internship learning contract, please assist the intern in the following three areas:

    1. Develop objectives and activities and record these on the Learning Contract. Discuss with your intern the learning objectives for the internship and specific activities, which you will oversee. We have provided the intern with a rough draft of the Learning Contract to record this information on. The intern will then discuss the structure of the internship with a faculty advisor to gain approval. Once the objectives and activities have been agreed upon, the intern will present you with an official Learning Contract for your signature.  For some departments, the faculty advisor may take on this role.  This is to further ensure that the student is effectly applying thier academic learning to thier internship.

    2. Instruct and supervise the intern to achieve the learning objectives. Help the intern feel like a member of your team. This can be achieved by a comprehensive orientation. Tour the work-site with your intern to identify locations such as rest rooms, parking, meeting rooms, etc. Introduce the intern to co-workers and acquaint the intern with your policies and procedures. Furnish the intern with a work station and the necessary supplies. Be sure to provide the intern with a progression of assignments so the objectives stated on the Learning Contract can be achieved.

    3. Evaluate the intern's performance with a midterm (4th week) and final (8th week) evaluation. We have included in this packet the midterm (4th week) and final (8th week) evaluation forms with criteria based on the SCANS skills and competencies from the US Dept. of Labor. You have the option to use your own performance appraisals for these evaluations if you choose to. All evaluations will be forwarded to the intern's faculty advisor. This may be the intern's first exposure to a non-academic performance appraisal. Some guidelines follow:
      1. Midterm evaluation - By this point, you have had the opportunity to observe the intern's potential. On this form, indicate the intern's strengths and weaknesses. Meet with the intern to discuss your evaluation and mail or fax it to the Internship Office by the end of the fourth week.
      2. Final evaluation - During the eighth week, we ask you to rate the intern's accomplishment of specific skills and competencies that are needed in workplaces dedicated to excellence. In filling out this form, evaluate all the criteria that apply to the learning objectives and activities the intern has achieved. Discuss the evaluation with the intern and mail or fax the form to the Internship Office by the end of the eighth week.

    We appreciate your commitment and dedication. Your involvement enables us to provide to our students a well-rounded educational experience.  If you have any additional questions regarding internships, you can contact Romeal Watson at 359-4637 or by email at

    Contact Information

    Career Services
    114 Showalter Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6365
    fax: 509.359.6940

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