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By hiring an EWU intern, you have the unique opportunity to become a member of a dynamic partnership between the student, the University, and your organization. Interns bring their enthusiasm, dedication, and the latest skills and technology gained through their education to your company. Interns can provide your organization with fresh perspectives and creative thinking.

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    Thank you for your organization's interest in offering internships! We're certain this can be a positive experience for all involved.

    Internship Setup

    Setting up your internship is simple:

    1. Create a job description for your internship.  The description must include job duties, qualifications, location, hours, and compensation (pay, academic credit, or both). The more information you include, the better.  

    2. Share the job description with us  and provide us with a point of contact. We'll inform students and support your recruitment efforts.

    3. Select your interns the same way you would hire a new employee.

    Once you've chosen your interns, complete the following steps. We have guidelines and staff members that can support you through this process if you'd like help:

    1. Develop objectives and activities and record these on the Learning Contract.

    2. Instruct and supervise the intern to achieve the learning objectives.

    3. Evaluate the intern's performance with a midterm (4th week) and final (8th week) evaluation.

    4. Provide a Final evaluation

    Ready to get started? Have questions? Contact Romeal Watson, Internship Coordinator or 509.359.4637.

    Forms and Guidelines

    Top 5 Best Practices for Recruiting

    Top 5 Best practices for Internships

    Have the answers to these questions ready BEFORE you hire:

    Make sure that the internship supervisor is accessible to the intern:

    Contact Information

    Career Services
    114 Showalter Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6365
    fax: 509.359.6940

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