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Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning


The Urban Planning programs offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in urban and regional planning. Both degree programs are professionally accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board.

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    accredited by the Planning Accreditation BoardThe department offers a 90-credit Bachelor of Arts major and a 15-credit minor in urban and regional planning. The bachelor of arts major is a fully accredited professional degree that prepares the student for entry-level positions in planning.

    Students majoring in planning normally enter the program during their second or third year of undergraduate studies. The planning minor should be utilized by students majoring in other programs who perceive planning as a complement to their education.

    In addition to the baccalaureate programs, the department also offers students the opportunity to earn dual degrees with other academic programs. In the past, students have earned concurrent degrees in geography, economics, sociology and government. Students from other programs may also take courses in the department.

    Note: Two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign language is required.

    Students completing the Urban and Regional Planning degree will:

    Bachelor's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (PDF file)

    What will I study?

    The Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning degree requires the completion of 90 total credits.

    Planning Core (Required) Classes        (74-75 Credits)

    PLAN 201 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning (5)
    PLAN 261 Community Development (5)
    PLAN 271 Professional Practice (2)
    PLAN 300 Planning Presentation Techniques (5)
    PLAN 301 Planning Methods and Techniques (5)
    PLAN 402 Planning Implementation (5)
    PLAN 403 Community Facilities Planning (5)
    PLAN 406 Planning Law and Legislation (5)
    PLAN 430 Environmental Planning (5)
    PLAN 440 Land Use Planning (5)
    PLAN 450 Transportation Planning (5)
    PLAN 460 Urban Design (3)
    PLAN 490 Senior Capstone: Planning Studio (5)

    Statistics course:
         PLAN 401 Applied Statistics for Public Policy (4) or
         CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics (5) or     
         DSCI 245  Data Analysis for Business (4) or
         Previous statistics course.

    Government course:
         PLAN 435 Planning, Politics, and Public Policy (4) or
         POLI 100 Modern Govt in American Context (5)

    Planning Electives (select 15-16 credits)

    PLAN 100 The City (5)
    PLAN 302 Census Analysis (2)
    PLAN 375 Tribal Planning (3)
    PLAN 420 Tribal Planning Law (3)
    PLAN 421 Tribal Transportation Planning (3)
    PLAN 422 American Indian Economic Development (3)
    PLAN 431 Environmental Impact Statements (3)
    PLAN 441 Site Planning (5)
    PLAN 442 Sustainable Communities (3)
    PLAN 445 Land Development (3)
    PLAN 446 Development Review (3)
    PLAN 447 Conflict Negotiation (2)
    PLAN 451 Walkable Communities (2) 
    PLAN 455 Public Transportation Planning (3)
    PLAN 457 Special Topics in Transportation (2)
    PLAN 465 Historic Preservation Planning (3)
    PLAN 466 Main Street Planning (2) 
    PLAN 467 Parks Planning (5)
    PLAN 470 Community Participation Techniques (2)
    PLAN 471 Rural and Small Town Planning (3)
    PLAN 473 Planning in the West (3) 
    PLAN 472 Housing (3)
    PLAN 476 Comparative Urbanization (4)
    PLAN 480 Regional Planning (3)
    PLAN 491 Field Studies (12)
    PLAN 495 Planning Internship (1-10)
    PLAN 496 Special Topics in Planning (Var)
    PLAN 497 Conferences and Short Courses in Planning (Var)
    PLAN 498 Seminar in Planning (Var)
    PLAN 499 Directed Study in Planning (Var)

    Other Program Electives:
    ECON 458 Regional Economics (5)
    GEOG 315 Surface Hydrology (4)
    GEOG 325 Wetland Science (4)
    GEOG 328 GIS I (5)
    GEOG 428 GIS II (5)
    GEOG 429 GIS III (5)
    GEOG 465 Urban Geography (3)
    GEOL 360 Geologic Hazards (4)
    PHIL 212 Introductory Ethics (5)
    PHIL 447 Environmental Ethics (5)

    Electives in other departments possible upon consultation with and permission of the undergraduate planning faculty advisor. In conflict between this page and the university catalog, the catalog controls.

    Contact Information

    Urban and Regional Planning
    668 N. Riverpoint Blvd, Suite A
    Spokane, WA 99202

    phone: 509.828.1269
    fax: 509.828.1275

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