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Urban & Regional Planning (MURP & BA)


The Urban Planning programs offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in urban and regional planning. Both degree programs are professionally accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board.

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    accredited by the Planning Accreditation BoardUrban and Regional Planning emphasizes the creation of directed change within communities to address critical problems. It uses placemaking as a component of sustainability to help identify physical and social directions for communities. It builds on plan-making -- critical inventory and analysis of the natural environment, the built environment, transportation, urban design, and community development.

    Students learn about planning processes and their applications in local and regional settings through classes, applied field research in class and through practice. Students also learn strategic policy-making and actions within a community through planning processes. The program focuses on an awareness and understanding of global issues and solutions through local and regional processes, and utilizes the latest GIS and other techniques of data analysis and visualization to lead to sustainable solutions and to build strong communities.  

    Our graduates are leaders of the planning profession and guides to sustainable futures.    

    The mission of the Urban and Regional Planning Programs at EWU is to provide quality professional planning education, research, and community service with an emphasis on problem solving at the local level.    

    Implementation of the vision and mission is based on annually revised goals and are rigorously assessed through measurements reported annually on-line and in reports, along with an annual review by professional planners in our Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and in our accrediting agencies. We continually revise our strategic plan to address critical needs of students, communities, and changes in our profession.

    Students standing in front of their Land Use Plan posters

    Degree Options

    What are the degree options?

    The Department of Planning and Public Administration offers the following Urban and Regional Planning degrees:

    Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning

    Master of Urban and Regional Planning

    Minor in Urban and Regional Planning

    Executive Certificate in Tribal Planning


    What can I do with my degree?

    The long-range job outlook for urban and regional planners is good. There is an expanding need for planners in the private sector including consulting firms, land development companies and large corporations involved in land management and location analysis.

    Planners are also found in non-profit organizations involved in community problem solving. These positions complement more traditional jobs in the public sector including those dealing with comprehensive planning, land use regulation and transportation systems management.

    The Department takes an active role in placing students and is proud of its continuing success in finding positions for its graduates. Agencies and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest compliment the program for producing graduates who need little additional training to assume their employment responsibilities.


    Contact Information

    Urban and Regional Planning, Graduate Program
    668 N. Riverpoint Blvd, Suite A
    Spokane, WA 99202

    phone: 509.828.1230
    fax: 509.828.1275

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