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Master of Public Administration


The Master of Public Administration degree prepares people for leadership roles in organizations that provide public services or have important interactions with public service organizations. The EWU MPA program's approach to this task is...
                                         "reflective practice with a twist."

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    An understanding of government operations and public policy formulation is important for many managerial positions whether they are in government, non-profit organizations or for-profit businesses. The behavior of governmental agencies and the public policies they implement affect all of us.

    From licensing to environmental regulations, governmental institutions make key decisions affecting society. From social services to public roads, government authorizes, funds and delivers goods and services that are vital to the health of a community. Those who want to get ahead need to be able to influence, or at least anticipate, governmental actions. The Master of Public Administration degree is designed to prepare people for leadership roles in their organizations and communities.

    What will I study?

    Required MPA Courses: (38 Core Credits) + (22 Elective Credits) = (60 Credits)

     Core Courses (38 Credits)

         PADM 501 Public Administration Research Approaches (4)
         PADM 503 Concepts and Values of Public Service (4)
         PADM 505 Public Policy Cycles (4)
         PADM 507 Public Policy Analysis (4)
         PADM 509 Public Personnel Management (4)
         PADM 511 Public Sector Organization Theory and Dynamics (4)
         PADM 513 Public Planning and Budgeting (4)
         PADM 515 Administrative Law and Regulation (4)
         PADM 519 Public Service Learning Field Experience (2)
         PADM 601 Research Project (2)
         PADM 602 MPA Portfolio (2)

    MPA Elective Courses (Select 22 Credits)

    Courses that may be taken toward those 20 credits include, but are not limited to the following:

         PADM 523 Public Financial Management (4)
         PADM 525 Public Sector Grants-Writing and Administration (4)
         PADM 527 Capital Finance and Bonds (2)
         PADM 531 Intergovernmental Relations (4)
         PADM 533 City Government Administration (4)
         PADM 539 Special Topics (1-5)
         PADM 543 Labor Relations (2)
         PADM 545 Collective Bargaining (2)
         PADM 547 Hiring Right (2)
         PADM 551 Comparative Public Administration (4)
         PADM 553 The Constitution and Public Administration (2)
         PADM 555 The Political Executive (4)
         PADM 561 Public Administration Through Film and Television (2)
         PADM 563 Public Sector Ethics (4)
         PADM 596 Experimental Course (1-4)
         PADM 599 Directed/Independent Study (1-4)
         PADM 600 Thesis Research Seminar (2-8)
         PADM 603 Internships in Public Administration (2-8)
         HSAD 598 Seminar in Health Services Administration (1-4)

    For more information, please contact:

    Ning Li, Ph.D.
    Professor and MPA Director
    Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
    Phone: 509.828.1264

    Contact Information

    Public Administration
    668 N Riverpoint Blvd, Suite A
    Spokane, WA 99202

    phone: 509.828.1218

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