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Advancement to Candidacy


The Master of Public Administration degree prepares people for leadership roles in organizations that provide public services or have important interactions with public service organizations. The EWU MPA program's approach to this task is...
                                         "reflective practice with a twist."

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    Prior to completing 30 credit hours of coursework, a student is expected to file for advancement to candidacy. When the candidacy form is filed and accepted, it represents an official statement regarding what courses a student must complete to obtain the MPA degree.

    Filling out the form involves listing all courses completed, all in progress and all those yet to be taken to complete the courses required for the degree. It also involves identifying two PADM faculty members who will sit on the oral exam committee. The chair of the committee will be the advisor for the student's research project or thesis. Students may indicate preferences for who serves as the chair and second member of the committee, but the final decision regarding which faculty members are on the committee will be made by the MPA program director.

    For the candidacy form and addtional information, please see the Graduate Studies Office. 

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