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    October 13 Median income grouth rate in Spokane County topped state


    Jan 29    A by the numbers look at the health of Spokane's economy



    Nov 30 Vestal: Making government better-what a concept!
    July 11 Economic data provided on website could help area businesses
    April 18 Institutes website will track Kootenai economic indicators
    April 18 Kootenai County at your fingertips
    Dec 30 Grant County by the Numbers  
    Nov 30 Data diggers, here's a gold mine 
    Oct 25 Kootenai County Indicators Focus Groups Participant List
    Oct 17 Grant County Information at the click of a mouse 
    Aug 7 Guest Opinion: Region will feel small federal presence 
    May 28 EWU institute to amass Kootenai data
    Feb 23 Studies have been released on local government
    Feb 10 EWU studies find little gain in regionalizing services 
    Jan 13 Steps beging here to cut dropout rate
    Nov 9 Grant County Web site launched
    Nov 4 Study finds $116 million in event spending 
    Nov 2 Public invited to see new county web site 
    Oct 21 Groups here offer funding for dropout warning system
    Apr 23 Dropout solutions under study
    July 15 HeatingBills
    May 12 County-statistics-siteup-running
    May 6 EWU institute creates data site to measure three counties
    Apr 8 Professional jobs swell in number
    Feb 25 Combined MSA stats now likely
    Feb 10 Indicators site studies tourism
    Feb 05 Walla Walla Trends report highlights local ethnic, job mixes
    Feb 05 Area Education-Earnings Shown on Web Site 
    Dec 16 Signs of the Counties
    Oct 10 Web site takes community pulse
    July 17 EWU study finds strong clusters here
    Feb 13 2009 State of the City Address
    Nov 8 New Web site mirrors local trends
    Nov 4 Project that tracks trends in NCW to be unveiled Thursday
    Aug 22 Our World: It's how we use data that counts
    May 30 Web site offfers insight into Valley
    May 28 New Web site offers insight into local trends
    Feb 7 New, localized GDP is revealing
    Dec 11 Let's take a look at the numbers
    Apr 5 Earned income our best indicator
    Jan 24 Class is in session
    Dec 22 Job growth likely to slow in '06
    Dec 8 Jobs expand at brisk pace
    Sep 01 Population growth picks up
    May 19 EWU study sheds some light on 'physician flight'
    Nov 10 Effort here seeks to provide facts for decision making
    Sep 2 New EWU study paints picture of Asians here
    May 23 EWU institute takes new look at unemployment
    Apr 11 New study sheds light on Valley

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    Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis
    668 N. Riverpoint Blvd., Suite A
    Spokane, WA 99202

    phone: 509.828.1246
    fax: 509.828.1276

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