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    Thinking of transferring to Eastern as a Business major?



    How will my courses transfer?

    To check transferability of courses from a community college or another school click HERE.

    The following are common community college transfer courses that meet EWU Business Program requriements. NOTE this is not a complete list of equivlent courses. Please see the EWU Transfer Guide for direct equivalents from your current school.

    Community College Course                                                   EWU Business Core Equivalencies

    MATH 201 - Finite Math*

    Math 200 - Finite Mathematics

    ENGL& 102 Composition II

    Engl 201 - English Composition

    ECON& 202 - Macroeconomics

    Econ 201 - Macroeconomics

    ECON& 201 - Microeconomics

    Econ 200 - Microeconomics

    ACCT& 201 and 202 - Prin. of Acct I and II

    Acct 251 - Principles of Financial Accounting

    ACCT& 203 - Prin. of Accounting III

    Acct 252 - Principles of Managerial Accounting

    BUS 217 - Business Statistics

    DSCI 245 - Data Analysis for Business

    BUS& 201 - Business Law

    Acct 261 - Business Law

    * MATH& 148 will also be accepted

    Ways to Transfer to EWU:

    Direct Transfer Degree from a Community College

    There are significant differences between community college degrees that are "Direct Transfer Degrees" and the community college degrees that are not. Direct Transfer Degrees that have been approved by EWU are liberal arts degrees that include a diverse group of general education requirements. 

    If you complete an approved Direct Transfer Degree, you will:

    1. Transfer to EWU as a junior with 90 credits.
    2. Have satisfied EWU's general education core requirements.
    3. Have satisfied EWU's competency and proficiency in computer literacy.
    4. Have satisfied EWU's competencies and proficiencies in Math and English composition. (NOTE: Direct Transfer Degrees do not cover required coursework in a major area. For instance, students seeking a business degree at EWU will still be required to complete English composition and Math requirements, either by coursework at a community college, or by coursework or challenge test at EWU.)
    5. Probably need approximately 90 credits (6 quarters) at EWU to complete a Business degree.

    Transferring without an AA degree from either a community college or University

    If you have not completed a Direct Transfer Degree, you will:

    1. Transfer to EWU with credits based on a course-by-course evaluation of your transcripts.
    2. Be required to satisfy each of EWU's general education core requirements.
    3. Be required to satisfy EWU's competency and proficiency in computer literacy by coursework or challenge test at EWU.
    4. Be required to satisfy EWU's competencies and proficiencies in Math and English composition, either by coursework or challenge test at EWU.

    Eastern Washington University is a participant in the Statewide Business DTA Major Related Program (MRP) Agreement.  Associate in Business DTA/MRP degrees are accepted from the institutions listed below.  When completing one of these DTA degrees, please pay special attention to footnotes explaining certain Eastern requirements.

    Bellevue College             

    Pierce College

    Big Bend Community College

    North Seattle Community College

    Cascadia Community College

    South Seattle Community College

    Centralia Community College

    Shoreline Community College

    Clark College

    Skagit Valley College

    Columbia Basin College

    South Puget Sound Community College

    Edmonds College

    Spokane Community College

    Everett Community College

    Spokane Falls Community College

    Grays Harbor College

    Tacoma Community College

    Green River Community College

    Walla Walla Community College

    Highline Community College

    Wenatchee Valley College

    Lower Columbia College

    Yakima Valley Community College

    Peninsula College


    If you have any additional questions, please contact Academic Advising and Retention for more information using the contact information to the left.


    Contact Information

    Academic Advising and Retention
    307 Monroe Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2345

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