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Bachelor of Science in Journalism


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    The Journalism Program participates in an interdisciplinary major in Public Relations. Requirements for the major, when taken under the Journalism Program, are listed below; requirements for a similar major, under the Department of Communication Studies, are listed in that department. The major provides the graduate with the theoretical and applied knowledge and skills required to competently enter the field of public relations in either the profit or not-for-profit sectors.

    What will I study?

    Public Relations Option

    (73 credits)

    Required Courses: (58-60 credits)

    CMST 330 Integrated Methods for Communication Research (5)

    CMST 430 Communication in Organizations (5)

    DESN 360 Publishing for Print and the World-Wide Web (4)

    JRNM 330 Mass News Media (5)

    JRNM 332 News Writing (5)

    JRNM 395 Internship (5)

    JRNM 451 Introduction to Public Relations Theory (4)

    JRNM 452 Public Relations Writing (4)

    JRNM 453 Advanced Public Relations Theory (4)

    JRNM 470 Desktop Publication Design (4)

    One of: 5 credits

    CMST 201 Public Speaking (5)

    CMST 400 Message Design (5)

    Choose one of: 4-5 credits

    TCOM 409 Editing in Technical Communication (5)

    JRNM 475 Editing and Publishing (4)

    Choose one of: 4-5 credits

    ART 304 Art of Photography (5)

    DESN 350 Digital Imaging and Photography (4)

    JRNM 349 Photojournalism (4)

    Select three upper division English courses in consultation with your journalism adviser

    Note: A minor in Technical Communications is recommended.

    Required program credits            58-60 Credits

    Required upper-division credits                 15 credits

    Minimum total credits for major                73 credits

    Emphases / Concentrations:

    Contact Information

    Journalism Department
    203B Patterson Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.7056

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