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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


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    Few careers demand a more varied body of knowledge than does journalism. Journalists today are constantly working with far-ranging and complex issues. The journalism curriculum at Eastern recognizes that the profession is both a discipline of its own and yet a fusion of many disciplines in our culture.

    The successful completion of ENGL 101 and ENGL 201 are required for admission to the Journalism Program.

    Juniors: Journalism majors usually spend the majority of their junior year in news-editorial core journalism classes, where they gather, write, edit, photograph and present the news under conditions that closely simulate those of the professional reporter.

    Seniors: As seniors, journalism majors complete remaining journalism classes, their minor and other graduation requirements. Students are required to complete a professional internship, serve in a senior leadership position on the staff of The Easterner or pursue their practical expertise in the field through a non-fiction writing project or individual journalism project.

    What will I study?

    Journalism Major News Editorial Option (61-62 credits)

    Required Courses44 credits

    JRNM 100 Easterner staff (3)
    JRNM 330 Mass News Media (5)
    JRNM 332 News Writing (5)
    JRNM 333 Advanced News Writing (5)
    JRNM 341 Reporting (5)
    JRNM 349 Photojournalism (4)
    JRNM 351 The Law of Journalism (4)
    JRNM 442 Advanced Reporting (5)
    JRNM 475 Editing and Publishing (4)
    JRNM 490 Senior Capstone: Critical Writing (4) or other approved Senior Capstone

    Select one of the following courses: 5 credits minimum
    A minimum of 5 credits designed to extend the student's practical expertise in some field of communication -- to be selected in consultation with a Journalism advisor.

    JRNM 395 Internship (In-Service Training) (5)
    JRNM 400 Easterner Staff Leadership (3) This course is repeatable for credit.
    JRNM 480 Non-Fiction Writing Projects (5) Students may not use JRNM 480 to meet both the expertise requirement and an elective.
    JRNM 499 Directed Study (individual Journalism projects) (5)

    Required Supporting Courses: 4-5 credits

    DESN 360 Publishing for the Print and World Wide Web (4)
    ENGL 459 Grammar for Teachers (5)
    or ENGL 464 Grammar and Composition (5)

    Elective Courses: Select a minimum of 8 credits

    JRNM 334 Magazine Article Writing (4)
    JRNM 451 Introduction to Public Relations Theory (4)
    JRNM 452 Advanced Public Relations Theory (4)
    JRNM 453 Public Relations Writing (4)
    JRNM 470 Desktop Publication Design (4)
    JRNM 480 Journalism Project (5) Students may not use JRNM 480 to meet both the expertise requirement and an elective.

    Required Minor:

    The Journalism major candidate must earn a minor in some other field chosen with the approval of the Journalism advisor. All minors considered. The following minors are preapproved: Business, Communications Studies, Computer Science, English, Government, History, Humanities, Psychology, Sociology, Urban and Regional Planning, Visual Communication Design.

    Required core credits: 49 credits

    Required supporting credits: 4-5 credits

    Elective credits: 8 credits    

    Minimum credits for above major: 61 credits

    Note: Two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single foreign language at college level is required for the above major.

    Note: The above major requires the completion of a minor.



    Emphases / Concentrations:

    What could I do with my degree?

    Contact Information

    Journalism Department
    203B Patterson Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.7056

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