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    Dear McNair Donors,

    Thank you so much for all of your contributions and support to the McNair program. This support has allowed me to attend graduate school in Albany, NY and has given me more hope than I have ever had about having the future I want and achieving goals beyond my wildest imaginations. For these opportunities I am eternally grateful. You can rest assured that the support you have given has served to have a positive impact on a young man whose only flaw was an accident of birth that left him with potential, but no way of seeing it come to fruition. Thank you again for the opportunity and God bless.

    Kyle Faltin

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    A WalkerTo the Ronald E. McNair Scholars program scholarship donors,

    The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program has been a major foundational block in my academic career and life. Through McNair I was awakened to the idea that pursuing a PhD was one of my life stops. I never had imagined that I would strive for a PhD...I did not even want to go to college at first. But after being inspired by my wife to at least get an undergraduate degree, I soon found the McNair Scholars Program. After spending time with all involved in this program, I knew that I could not settle for a BA, but I needed to go for a PhD. After participating in two summer internships with McNair, the inner scholar awoke within me. I was equipped with the tools, the foundation and the fortitude to make it to a PhD no matter the challenge.

    Roadblocks in my undergraduate career were met with a supporting crew of McNair staff that told me I could be victorious. If it was a degree requirement that needed to be met or some crazy placement test that needed a certain score, the McNair crew encouraged me and let me know that the ability to succeed was already within me. McNair was not only supportive of my academic career, but of my personal life and family. My wife and I had a baby during McNair and the McNair staff never discouraged us nor let us use that as an excuse to stop pursuing graduate school. And now, not only am I in graduate school, but my wife got into graduate school seven minutes away. And our precious baby is with us and we are ecstatic and excited. I am thankful that McNair could reach down to me with outstretched arms and a face of iron that told me I could make it. Now I sit here in New Haven, CT in Yale graduate housing with my family awaiting the beginning of orientation tomorrow. Not only did I graduate with my BA, but McNair worked and here I am in graduate school with my wife and baby. Thank you donors for your donations. You have invested in the lives of my whole family. We are ever appreciative and thank you immensely.

    Anthony Austin-Walker

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    WalkerTo Donors of the Ronald E. McNair Scholarship:

    I am writing this letter to thank you so very much for the scholarship.  I am very honored to receive this award and appreciative of the financial assistance as I pursue a Masters degree in Women Studies.  The money has helped me, my husband and my daughter move across the country to Connecticut. I was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington and I am a first-generation college student. When my parents came in 1974, they knew to teach their children that education was important. I was always taught to achieve the highest and always try to obtain knowledge. Because of these influences, I have always wanted to pursue a masters and/or a doctorate.  

    This scholarship has allowed me achieve my goal of eventually attaining a Master's degree. Thank you so much for the scholarship and truly believing in me.

    Bina Walker

     All donations support services to prepare EWU TRiO McNair scholars for success at the doctoral level

    Contact Information

    Eastern Washington University
    526 5th Street
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6200 (campus operator)

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