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Frequently asked questions about the Honors Program

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    Do I need to take more honors courses after 101 and 102 to keep my scholarship?

    No, there is no requirement to take more honors courses, unless you are aiming to receive an extra honors designation when you graduate. Visit the Honors at Graduation page or come to the Honors Office in Hargreaves 217 for more information.


    Do I need to renew my Honors Scholarship?

    No, once you have earned the Honors scholarship, you do not need to renew it. All you need to do, is maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and be a full time student (at least 12 credits per quarter).


    How do I apply for Honors?

    There is no formal application process for the Honors Program. If you are interested in becoming a part of Honors Program, we encourage you to complete the Eastern Washington University General Scholarship Application. If you meet most, or all of the requirements, then the system notifies us so we can send you information about the program. However, if you happen to miss the February 15th deadline for filling out a scholarship application, just stop by 217 Hargreaves Hall or contact either Dr. Dana Elder, or Dori Roberts to let them know that you are interested in being a part of the program!

    To see the qualifications needed for incoming Freshmen and Transfer Honors students, visit the Honors Curriculum page.


    What's the difference between The Honors Program and the National Honors Society/Phi Eta Sigma?

    Phi Eta Sigma is a National Honors Society, and both Honors and Phi Eta Sigma at eastern are directed by Dr. Dana Elder. The Honors Program is what freshmen or transfer students get accepted in to when they first start coming to Eastern, and it includes the renewable Honors scholarship and the requirement of taking specific honors courses. All students with a 3.5 gpa at the end of either fall or winter quarter of their freshman year will be invited to join Phi Eta Sigma, regardless of whether they are in The Honors Program or not. Phi Eta Sigma gives its members the opportunity to receive scholarships, volunteer, and meet other academically successful students. Although Phi Eta Sigma only invites freshmen, once you are a member, you're a member for life.


    Can I graduate with Honors even if I'm not in the Honors Program? 

    Yes! Although only incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students are able to join the Honors Program, anyone can graduate with an Honors designation. For students who are not in the Honors Program, there are two designations that you can earn: Ad Majorem, and Ad Maxima Valorem. For more information about what requirements are needed to be met to receive one of these designations, visit the Honors at Graduation page, or visit the Honors office.


    What if I go under the GPA requirement for one year, but the following year I recover and get above the requirement, can I still get my scholarship for that following year?

    No, sadly you cannot earn back your scholarship are you have lost it.


    Will I always have an Honors advisor after I've declared my major?

    Yes, you are always welcome to come to the honors office to talk to Dori, our advisor. Once you are in the Honors Program, you will always have help when you need it.


    Can Running Start Students apply for the Honors Program/get a scholarship? 

    Yes, they can. However, they still have to complete the required Honors 101 and 102 courses even if they have already satisfied those general education core requirements.

    Contact Information

    Honors Program
    217 Hargreaves Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2822
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