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6 x 6 Volleyball Rules


EWU IM 6 x 6 Volleyball Rules

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    (Revised 1/1/10)

    6 x 6 Volleyball Rules


      1. The Intramural program will supply all necessary equipment & official(s).
      2. Players may play in non-marking tennis shoes.

      1. Games are won by the first team to earn 25 or more points in each of the three games, rally-style scoring. It is not necessary to win by two points. A “SET” will consist of a best of three series.
      2. Net serves are playable.
      3. Only team captains may confer with the official(s).
      4. If a team is not ready to play at the scheduled game time, the first game will be forfeited. The second game and match will be forfeited after 15 minutes.

      1. Rotation: Teams must follow the same service order throughout the match.
      2. Each team will consist of 6 players with a minimum of two female players.
        1. A team may be allowed to play with four or five players, as long as two are female. The League Director has the authority to allow a team to play with only one female player in order to avoid a forfeit.
        2. A team can choose to play with more than the two requisite female participants, as long as they have at least four players available.
      3. If the ball hits any part of the suspended basket apparatus, including the cables, the point will be replayed.
      4. If the ball hits the side or end walls, including the backboards attached to the walls, it will result in a point or a side-out situation, whichever call is appropriate for the situation.
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