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6 x 6 Outdoor Soccer Rules


EWU IM 6 x 6 Outdoor Soccer Rules

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    (Revised 1/1/10)

    6 x 6 Outdoor Soccer Rules

    Players must remain on their feet at all times. Any player guilty of leaving their feet will be assessed eithera Yellow or Red Card at the Officials discretion. Intentional slide tackles will result in a Red Card!
    Goalkeepers may slide or dive in an attempt to block a shot only in the goalmouth. They cannot come out to take the ball from a player(s) as they attempt to drive or shoot on net.


    1. Players are strongly advised to wear protective shin guards for their own safety.
    2. Headgear of any kind can only be worn with the game officials permission.
    3. Only appropriate athletic footwear may be used. No steel or steel tipped cleats may be worn.
    Reminder: All players must stay on their feet at all times or receive either a yellow or red card


    1. The game consists of two halves with a 20-minute running clock (official may stop the clock at their own discretion).
    2. Each team will consist of 5 players with at least 4 needed to start or continue play. Co-Ed teams must have a minimum of 2 female players on the field at all times.
    3. Forfeit time is 5 minutes after scheduled game time.
    4. 4. The "Offside" rule is not in effect.
    5. Any time a team achieves a 5 goal lead after the 10-minute mark in the second half, the game will declared over.
    6. Ejected players may not be replaced and their team must play a person down until the completion of the contest.
    7. Tie games during league play shall remain tied. Playoff Tie Breaker: sudden death overtime.


    All kicks will be Direct Free Kicks and may be taken by any team member. Opponents must remain at least 5 yards away on all Free Kicks. Direct Free Kicks shall beawarded at the Official's discretion.


    Shall be awarded when a Direct Free Kick offense is committed inside the penalty area or a goal scoring opportunity is intentionally taken away. All players must remainbehind the PK shooter.


    Cautions (Yellow Cards) shall be issued for the following:

    1. Unsportsmanlike conduct or rough play
    2. Questioning an officials ruling
    3. Use of foul language directed at an opponent or teammate
    4. Intentional stalling

    Disqualifications (Red Cards) shall be issued for the following:

    1. Intentional slide tackles or any type of violent play
    2. A second caution to any player
    3. Foul language directed at the game officials
    4. Any act in which the game official feels warrants an ejection
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