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5 x 5 Indoor Soccer Rules


EWU IM 5 x 5 Indoor Soccer Rules

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    (Revised 1/1/10)

    5 x 5 Indoor Soccer Rules


    1. The I.M. program will supply all necessary equipment & officials.
    2. Non-marking court shoes must be worn while playing.
    3. The game official has the right to instruct any player to remove any jewelry.


    1. Game time shall consist of two (2) twenty minute halves. The clock will remain running with the exception of an injury, timeout, or officials discretionary timeout.
    2. A team will consist of 4/5 players with at least two females on the floor at all times. If a player is injured or ejected, their team may finish the game with fourplayers. At no time shall a team have more than three male players on the floor. The League Director may allow a team to play with only one female player in order to avoid a forfeit.
    3. Substitutions must be made with the official’s permission and only during dead ball situations.
    4. Each team will be allowed one, thirty-second timeout per half.
    5. Forfeit time is five (5) minutes after scheduled game time. The League Director may extend this deadline if they feel it will avoid a forfeit.
    6. Tie games during league play shall remain a tie in the standings. During the playoffs, sudden death overtime will take place in the event of a tie at the end of regulation time. A coin flipshall determine ball possession to begin the overtime period.


    1. Intentional contact will not be allowed & all players must remain on their feet at all times. The goalkeeper may only leave their feet if trying to block a shot. Any player who is guilty of roughplay or who leaves their feet intentionally will be ejected from the game.
    2. Any intentional contact inside the (BLUE ZONE) will be considered violent play and the player(s) committing the foul will be given an automatic red card (the blue zone is the area on the perimeter marked by the blue volleyball court lines.)
    3. The ball must remain below the brown line on the gym wall. If the ball goes above the line, a direct free kicked will be awarded for the opponent of the team that last controlled the ball.
    4. There will be no contact allowed with the Goalkeeper while inside the Penalty Area. The basketball 3-point line shall be the perimeter line for the Penalty Area.
    5. The ball may be played off of any sidewall, provided that it is below the limit line.
    6. There is no offside rule.
    7. Any team that has a player ejected must complete the game a player short.


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