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5 x 5 Dodgeball Rules


EWU IM 5 x 5 Dodgeball Rules

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    (Revised 1/1/10)

    5 x 5 Dodgeball Rules

    1. Teams will consist of 5 players with 1 substitute allowed
    2. All players must remain within the blue lines during play
      1. Players may not cross over the mid-court line or step out-of-bounds during play. One foot over the line is considered out-of-bounds.
      2. All I.M. rules concerning clothing, footwear, jewelry must be adhered to.
    3. Game Rules
      1. The game will start when the official blows the whistle
      2. There will be a five-minute time limit per game. Whichever team has eliminated all 5 opponents or has the most legal players at the end of the time limit shall be declared the winner
    4. Legal throws must be made from within the blue lines on each team's half of the court. On the initial "rush", players may not throw from within the 10' line. All players must be allowed toretreat beyond the 10’ line before being eligible for elimination.
    5. A players shall be "Out" when one of the following occurs:
      1. They are hit by a thrown ball, which hits the ground after hitting the player. If a teammate of the "hit" player should catch the ball before it hits the ground, the "hit" player is still in play.
      2. Stepping out-of-bounds or over the "Mid-Court Line" with at least one foot
      3. A player attempts to block a live throw with a held ball and drops the held ball as a result of the contact
      4. A thrown ball is caught, the player throwing the ball is out
    6. One "Out" player may re-enter whenever a teammate catches a throw. The player throwing the ball that is caught is out of the game.
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