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Eastern Washington University Paintball.

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    Welcome to EWU Paintball, the newest Campus Recreation activity!  Paintball is a high action game where players will take part in simulated battles to gain dominance over their opponent by marking them with a paintball.  Players can shoot from protected areas, from behind the many barricades or out in the open as they try to capture the game flag in the center of the game zone. All equipment is furnished, cost is very low and games may be either pickup games or organized team formatted tournaments.  Group reservations are possible in spring quarter by contacting the Intramural Sports Office.  For those worried about safety, statistically, Paintball is one of the safer activities out there as full protective equipment is provided and the only injury might be a slight sting where the ball makes contact, not strong enough to injure or leave a lasting mark, but enough to know you've been contacted! 

    A potential for inter-group and organization battles, paintball is a great setting for student groups and organizations, campus departments, Greek chapters and residence hall teams or groups to come over and have some fun.  With games being played on the lower Intramural Field, you can check the list below for open dates.

    Persons with special needs may make arrangements for accommodations by

    contacting the I.M. Office at 359-4836 at least 3 days in advance of the event

    Game Dates

    Friday, Sept. 30th; 4pm - I.M. Fields

    Friday, Oct. 7th; 4pm - I.M. Fields

    Friday, Oct. 14th; 4pm - I.M. Fields

    Friday, Oct. 21st; 4pm - I.M. Fields

    Who's Eligible to Play?

    EWU Paintball is FREE and open only to EWU students, faculty, staff and spouses.  Outside groups are not able to participate without permission from Campus Recreation.  All players must have their current EAGLE CARD with them at check-in time and sign the event Risk Statement Form before participating

    Player Fees

    Paintball is free for currently enrolled students of Eastern Washington University: includes all equipment and 150 balls. Games will consist of between 8-16 players per game and teams will be drawn from those players on a first come basis.

    Group Reservations

    Spring Quarter Only; For information on group reservations, please contact Mike Campitelli at (509) 359-4836


    Check-In Procedures

    All players must bring their Eagle Card when checking in and should show up at least 20 minutes prior to the time in which they would like to play.  All non-reserved games are filled on a first-come basis.

    Game Zone

    There are over 10 inflatable bunkers for players to use as cover as they attempt to get into the center zone in search of the game flag.  The dimensions of the game zone is approximately 40 yards long by 20 yards wide.  A ballistic curtain will protect one side of the game zone for guests, players in waiting and eliminated participants to view the action in safety. 

    Game Prep

    All players and groups will be given a briefing on how to play the game properly and how to follow the strict safety procedures.  Any player not in attendance, not paying attention or playing in an unsafe manner will be immediately expelled from further play with no refund.  I.M. staff members will control all aspects of play and safety as they monitor the games and players.

    What equipment is provided?

    Campus Recreation provides full face, ear, throat and head protection, chest protectors, and throat guards

    Can I bring my own equipment?

    Players are allowed to bring their own safety gear but may not bring in their own markers (guns).  All payers will use the markers and paintballs provided by the game staff with no exceptions.

    What should I wear to play?

    We recommend the following be brought by each player:

    Long sleeve shirts and/or sweatshirts

    Full length pants

    Either a baseball hat worn backwards or a beanie or some kind to protect the crown of the head

    Gloves of some kind

    Shoes are mandatory, with tennis shoes recommended

    What about the paint getting on my clothes?

    All paint is both water-soluble and biodegradable so it washes out with soap and water and is safe for the environment

    Contact Information

    Michael Campitelli
    URC 201
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: (509) 359-4836
    fax: (509) 359-4735

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