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Library Liaisons by Department


Our mission is to stimulate and support intellectual inquiry.

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    Listed below are the library liaisons by department or program. If you would like to schedule any type of instructional session for your class, contact the librarian directly.

    Librarian Phone Ext.
    Accounting Kelly Evans x1337
    Addiction Studies Justin Otto x7048
    Africana Education Program Qing Meade x2403
    Aging Studies Justin Otto x7048
    American Indian Studies Qing Meade x2403
    Anthropology Paul Victor x7909
    Applied Technology Chris Ewing x2394
    Art Rose Krause x2385
    Athletic Training Paul Victor x7909
    Biology Chris Ewing x2394
    Business Administration Kelly Evans x1337
    Business Education Kelly Evans x1337
    Career & Technical Education Kelly Evans x1337
    Chemistry/Biochemistry Chris Ewing x2394
    Chicano Education Studies Qing Meade x2403
    Children's Studies Paul Victor x7909
    College Instruction Paul Victor x7909
    Communication Disorders Kelly Evans     x1337
    Communication Studies Justin Otto x7048
    Computer Science Chris Ewing x2394
    Core - Social & Behavioral Sciences Ielleen Miller x4816
    Creative Writing Ielleen Miller x4816
    Criminal Justice Paul Victor x7909
    Decision Sciences Kelly Evans x1337
    Dental Hygiene Kelly Evans x1363
    Dentistry (RIDE) Kelly Evans x6557
    Design Chris Ewing x2394
    Disability Studies & Universal Access Qing Meade x2403
    Economics Justin Otto x7048
    Education James Rosenzweig x4262
    Engineering Chris Ewing x2394
    English Ielleen Miller x4816
    English Composition Program Ielleen Miller x4816
    English Language Institute (ELI) Qing Meade x2403
    English Second Language Ielleen Miller x4816
    Environmental Science Chris Ewing x2394
    Exercise Science Paul Victor x7909
    Film Jeff Sundquist x7895
    Finance Kelly Evans x1337
    Geography Paul Victor x7909
    Geology Chris Ewing x2394
    Health Education Paul Victor x7909
    Health Informatics Technology Kelly Evans x1337
    Health Services Administration Kelly Evans x1337
    History Paul Victor x7909
    Honors Paul Victor x7909
    Humanities Ielleen Miller x4816
    Integrative Studies Ielleen Miller x4816
    Interdisciplinary Studies Paul Victor x7909
    International Affairs Ielleen Miller x4816
    International Business Kelly Evans x1337
    Journalism Ielleen Miller x4816
    Management Kelly Evans x1337
    Management Information Systems Kelly Evans x1337
    Marketing Kelly Evans x1337
    Mathematics Chris Ewing x2394
    Military Science Paul Victor x7909
    Modern Languages Jeff Sundquist x7895
    Music Ielleen Miller x4816
    Natural Science James Rosenzweig x4262
    Occupational Therapy Kelly Evans x6557
    Operations Management Kelly Evans x1337
    Philosophy Paul Victor x7909
    Physical Education Paul Victor x7909
    Physical Therapy Kelly Evans x1337
    Psychology Chris Ewing x2394
    Physics Doris Munson x6395
    Political Science Ielleen Miller x4816
    Professional Training & Development    Kelly Evans x1337
    Public Administration Kelly Evans x1337
    Public Health Kelly Evans x6557
    Recreation Paul Victor x7909
    Social Studies James Rosenzweig x4262
    Social Work Justin Otto x7048
    Sociology Paul Victor x7909
    Special Education James Rosenzweig x4262
    Theatre Jeff Sundquist x7895
    Urban & Regional Planning Kelly Evans x1337
    Women's & Gender Studies Qing Meade x2403

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    EWU Libraries
    816 F Street
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.7888

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