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JFK Library Food Policy


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    The purposes of this policy are to:


    Consumption of food and beverages is permitted in most public areas of the library,
    including most general seating areas and in the group study rooms.
    The library has a leave no trace policy of beverage and food consumption! Be respectful
    of fellow students and other library users by disposing of trash and cleaning up after the
    beverage or food is consumed. Place all trash in a trash receptacle, or recycle whenever
    possible. Recycling bins are located throughout the building.
    Caution! Spills can be slippery and pose serious safety hazards. Report accidents/spills
    to the Circulation Desk immediately to help avoid permanent stains or damage to library
    collections, materials or furnishings.
    Library personnel have final approval of any sort of food, beverages, or containers allowed in
    the library.
    Food and beverages may not be consumed in these areas:

    Avoid food and beverages that by their nature are damaging or disruptive (i.e. greasy,
    messy, sticky, noisy, crumbly or aromatic). Please be considerate of other library users
    around you.
    Users are asked not to have food delivered to the library (pizza deliveries, etc.).
    Beverages are allowed in containers with lids.

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