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Welcome to Eastern Washington University Graduate Studies. Eastern offers affordable graduate programs from the health sciences to education and from creative writing to business administration.

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    The Master of Science in Biology Program provides a demanding and rewarding experience in biology, leading to competent scholarship and research capability. The department emphasizes research as a basic component of graduate study. A variety of research specialties are available within the department, including aquatic and riparian ecology, limnology, fisheries biology, embryology, physiology, exercise physiology, wildlife biology, mycology, plant ecology, microbiology, and immunology, among others.

    Graduates of the Biology Pogram either continue in PhD programs, or are employed in various biological fields with federal, state, tribal and local agencies, environmental consulting firms, private conservation organizations, public and private schools or private industry.

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    Business Administration

    The Master of Business Administration is an advanced professional degree in business administration emphasizing quantitative and qualitative skills necessary for leadership in today's organizational environments.

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    Communication Disorders

    The Master of Science degree is designed to equip the student with the academic and clinical skills required to function as a competent professional speech-language pathologist.


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    Addresses the need for trained communication professionals, including public relations practitioners, advertising writers, educators, graphic designers, consultants, print and electronic journalists -- anyone who must know how to create and manage messages in various contexts of today's dynamic world.

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    Computer Science

    Provides a balance between practical, up-to-date applications-oriented content, and a strong theoretical framework for continued learning.

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    Counselor Education: Mental Health Counseling

    Designed for students wishing preparation as counselors or therapists in settings such as: mental health centers, hospitals, residential treatment centers, employment services and vocational rehabilitation services.

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    Counselor Education: School Counseling

    Designed for students wishing preparation as counselors in school settings, primarily public schools.

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    Creative Writing

    The graduate program at the Inland Northwest Center for Writers offers full curricula in fiction, literary non-fiction and poetry.

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    Dental Hygiene

    Prepares graduates to meet the current and future health care demands of today's challenging health care system, through the teaching of scientific advancements in dental care and advanced clinical skills

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    Education: Adult Education

    This program is developed to provide an advanced educational opportunity for those persons seeking to work with adults in educational settings.  No teaching certification required.

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    Education: Curriculum and Instruction

    This program of study is designed for individuals wanting a broad understanding of the history, philosophy and organization of education.  Certification required.

    This area of emphasis is now open to international students who provide proof of certification to teach in their home country and provide professional references for their teaching experience.

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    Education: Early Childhood Education

    This program of study is designed to provide candidates with or without certification advanced study in areas of Early Childhood Education.

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    Education: Foundations of Education

    This program is designed for the individual wanting a broad understanding of the history, philosophy and organization of education.  No teaching certification required.

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    Education: Literacy

    This program is designed for both classroom and reading coaches as they work toward an understanding of the role that literacy plays across the curriculum and over time.  Teaching certification required.

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    Master in Teaching (MIT)

    Do you want to become an elementary or secondary teacher? Do you already have a bachelor's degree? Consider our MIT program! Get your teacher certification AND a masters degree in Master in Teaching.

    Eastern Washington University's Master In Teaching (MIT) is a non-traditional graduate degree program designed for individuals planning a career change into the field of teaching, who hold a bachelor’s degree in an area other than education, did not previously take teaching certification coursework and are interested in receiving both an MEd degree and a residency teaching certificate for teaching in the elementary grades. The program offers students the opportunity to acquire a Washington State Residency Teacher Certification and a Master’s Degree in education.

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    Modern Languages - French

    The Master of Education in Modern Languages - French allows students to specialize in French only.  Individual programs are planned with an appropriate advisor from the Modern Languages Department. This specialization is offered principally for secondary foreign language teachers.

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    English: Literature

    Emphasizes critical study in English and American Literature as preparation for advanced study in a PhD program, or for careers that rely on research, critical analysis, careful reading and clear written communication.

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    English: Rhetoric and Technical Communication

    This program provides students with theoretical and applied knowledge in professional and technical communication. It explores the complex interrelationships between rhetoric and technical writing in their social, technological and cultural contexts.

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    English: Teaching English as a Second Language

    Prepares pre-service and in-service teachers of speakers of English as a second language (ESL), or a foreign language (EFL), to teach second language literacy, culture, and communication skills.

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    The MA program in History is designed to prepare students for pursuits requiring a historical background. Students who are interested in teaching careers, in preparation for doctoral programs and in participation in professional internships such as library, museum, or archival work can design a program to suit their needs.

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    Interdisciplinary programs, using existing offerings from qualified departments, may be arranged with the approval of the vice-provost for Graduate Education and Research and a committee representing the fields of study involved.

    You must contact the departments you wish to work with as well as the Graduate Programs Office at 509.359.6297 before applying for this program.

    Music: Composition Emphasis

    Students will engage in graduate-level research, analysis and performance practice. Program will focus on advanced compositional techniques, theory application and current compositional practices. A final recital of students' compositions will be required.

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    Music: Liberal Arts

    Students will analyze, interpret and/or compose at the graduate level, and demonstrate the technical and aesthetic value of music through performance, teaching and research. This degree track allows students to explore a range of music studies that may include performance, history, research or pedagogical projects.

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    Music: Jazz Pedagogy Emphasis

    The graduate emphasis in jazz pedagogy offers students advanced studies in jazz improvisation, jazz history, jazz arranging, instrument pedagogy and ensemble directing and conducting. This program is designed for students with the goal of becoming a music educator at either the secondary or collegiate level.

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    Music: Music Education Emphasis

    Students will engage in graduate-level research, analysis and performance practice. Primary focus will be on advanced pedagogical principles and practice in current music education.

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    Music: Performance Emphasis

    Students will engage in graduate-level research, analysis and performance practice. They will demonstrate advanced performance techniques and interpretation through public recitals, culminating in a final formal concert, including a detailed research paper focusing on the performance repertoire.

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    Occupational Therapy

    Prepares entry-level graduates to provide occupational therapy services with distinctiveness and compassion in a variety of professional practice environments.

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    Physical Education: Exercise Science Emphasis

    The MS in Physical Education: Exercise Science allows the prospective graduate to become a leader in the areas of corporate fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, and public fitness.

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    Physical Education: Sports and Recreation Administration Emphasis

    The MS in Physical Education: Sports and Recreation Management is tailored to meet the needs of individuals who may be interested in administrative aspects of physical education and recreation, or coaching.

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    Physical Therapy

    The curriculum is designed to prepare leaders for the profession of physical therapy, whose focus of practice is to diagnose and manage movement dysfunction, and enhance the physical and functional abilities of the clients they serve.

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    Psychology: Clinical Emphasis

    Designed for students who are interested in becoming a master's-level mental health provider in private practice, mental health centers, hospitals, or social service agencies, or pursing pre-doctoral studies preparing for application to doctoral programs in clinical or counseling psychology.

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    Psychology: General/Experimental Emphasis

    Designed to prepare students for research or teaching in psychology.  Methodology and both basic and applied research are emphasized.  Students are prepared to enter doctoral programs or to seek employment in appropriate master's-level positions.

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    Public Administration

    Prepares people for leadership roles in their organizations and communities.

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    Public Health

    The Eastern Washington University Masters of Public Health supports the mission of the university by preparing students to meet the growing demands of population health in improving the health of all communities throughout the region, the nation, and the globe. The goal of the program is to provide a highly trained and educated workforce for the numerous public and private settings needing public health workers. The program strives to provide affordable, flexible, and practical educational experiences that promote community sustainability. The program offers rigorous interdisciplinary coursework in health promotion, epidemiology, health services administration, and American Indian health. Community engagement through projects and internships is a key component of the program providing opportunities for application of knowledge gained in the program.

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    School Psychology - EDS

    Prepares students for practice as a school psychologist. Specific areas of training include: student and program evaluation; development of academic and social behavioral intervention plans; and research.

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    School Psychology Respecialization (Online) - EDS

    Provides for classroom application of best-practices, based on self-assessment of individual professional development plans. Candidates will increase knowledge and skills in demonstrating their positive impact upon student learning and efforts to close students' achievement gap.

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    Social Work

    Prepares students to engage in processes aimed at empowering individuals to improve their life situation and to modify the organizational, community, and societal conditions that prevent oppressed populations from obtaining a basic quality of life.

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    Urban and Regional Planning

    Designed to prepare professionals who can develop and administer planning policies for the economic vitality, resource efficiency, and environmental quality of communities and regions.

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