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WICHE Waivers


Welcome to EWU Graduate Studies. We offer affordable graduate programs from the addition studies to urban planning.

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    Full Time Graduate Student Total Tuition and Fees per Quarter, 2015-2016 Amount Waived per Quarter Balance Charged to Student
    WICHE Waiver $8,465 $4,825 $3,640
    Full Time Graduate Student Total Tuition and Fees per Semester, 2015-2016 Amount Waived per Semester Balance Charged to Student
    WICHE Waiver $12,698 $7,237 $5,461

    The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) coordinates student exchange programs among 15 western states in order to ensure access to higher education for all citizens of the western U.S. Residents of participating states are eligible to enroll in available programs of study outside their home states at resident tuition rates. Students with a WICHE award receive a tuition waiver in an amount that reduces the nonresident rate to the equivalent of the resident rate in the student's chosen program. No service to the University is required in order to receive a WICHE waiver. These awards are currently limited to six participating graduate programs at EWU: Communication Disorders, Creative Writing, Dental Hygiene, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Social Work. A WICHE waiver may be combined with a resident graduate service appointment to provide the equivalent of a full nonresident tuition waiver. Please review this PDF document for detailed information about requirements and conditions of these awards:

    Students in the Communication Disorders, Creative Writing, Dental Hygiene or Social Work program are encouraged to establish Washington residency whenever feasible. Students in the Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy program are advised to retain their current residency in accordance with WICHE requirements for those programs. For more on this topic, visit the residency pages maintained by the Records and Registration Office.

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