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BA in Education - Earth and Space Science/Secondary Major


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    The Earth Science major is interdisciplinary, with required courses from geography, geology, physics, chemistry and biology. Generally, Earth Science is taught in the junior high school or middle school. Also, it is occasionally taught as a high school elective or in the upper elementary grades. This major satisfies the primary endorsement for grades 5-12.

    High school students who plan to enter this program are encouraged to take three or four years of both science and mathematics in high school. University students should generally complete their GECR requirements, particularly in the natural sciences, prior to entering the program. Students are encouraged to contact the Earth Science advisor to aid them in selecting these GECR courses.

    What will I study?

    This major satisfies the endorsement for grades 5-12.

    Required Courses:

    CHEM 151 General Chemistry (5)
    GEOG 305 Introduction to Oceanography (5)
    GEOG 310 Geography of Landforms (4)
    or GEOG 410 Geomorphology (5)
    GEOG 314 Weather and Climate (5)
    GEOL 120 Physical Geology - The Solid Earth (5)
    GEOL 121 Physical Geology - Surficial Processes (5)
    GEOL 122 Historical Geology (5)
    GEOL 220 Environmental Geology (4)
    or GEOL 360 Geologic Hazards (4)
    GEOL 311 Earth Materials (4)
    MATH 106 Precalculus II (5)
    PHYS 121 Descriptive Astronomy (5)
    PHYS 131 Introductory Physics I (4)
    PHYS 161 Mechanics Laboratory (1)
    SCED 390 Secondary Science Teaching Methods (1)
    GEOL 390 Secondary Science Teaching Methods (1)


    Students must take 4-5 credits of field-oriented coursework. Select from the list below, or from special field courses in geography or geology approved by the Earth Science advisor.
    GEOG 201 Field Methods (5)
    GEOG/BIOL 312 Fundamentals of Soil Science (4)
    GEOG 315 Surface Hydrology (4)
    GEOG 325 Wetland Science I (4)
    GEOL 210 Field Experience (2)
    GEOL 455 Colorado Plateau Geology (4)
    GEOL 496 Geology field trip (3-5)

    See the Department of Education section of the catalog. Prerequisites may also apply

    Note: The above is an interdisciplinary major. See an advisor to determine if courses required by this major may be taken in partial fulfillment of the GECR. A minor is not required, but highly recommended. The above major takes more than 12 quarters at 15-16 credits a quarter.

    Click here for a summary of the degree requirments and sample 4-year plan

    Contact Information

    Department of Geology
    130 Science Building
    Cheney, WA 99004-2439

    phone: 509.359.2286
    fax: 509.359.4386

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