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Student Showcase


We are pleased you decided to visit us, and hope you might come in person sometime soon. Our department is friendly and attentive to students' needs, and it is easy to get acquainted with other students, staff, and faculty.

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    Showcasing theses' and the students who completed them to earn their Master's degree. Some of the current theses' completed are listed below:

    Determining the Effects of Non-native Brook Stickleback (Cualea Inconstans) on the Lentic Systems at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, Cheney, WA
    Jenae N. Yri
    (Spring 2016)

    Invertebrate Drift in the Upper Columbia River with Implications for Young-of-the-year White Sturgeon
    Ryan W. Reihart
    (Spring 2016)

    Impacts of the Invasive Brook Stickleback (Culaea Inconstans) on Wandering Garter Snake (Thamnophis Elegans Vagrans) Fitness, Feeding Behavior and Diet
    Adam C. Gilles
    (Spring 2016)

    The Relationship Between Invasive Annual Grasses and Biological Soil Crust Across Eastern Washington
    Jarrett B. Cellini
    (Spring 2016)

    Comparative Examination of Lake Spokane Groundwater for Nutrient Discharge by Residential Development Influence
    Wyatt Plastino
    (Spring 2016)

    Chemically-mediated Prey Responses:  Invasive brook Stickleback Induced Changes in Behavior and Life History of Larval Long-toed Salamanders
    Renae K. Reed
    (Spring 2016)

     Click here to view some more of our outstanding student's thesis'.

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    Department of Biology
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    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2339

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