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The College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CSTEM, formerly CSHE) is comprised of 11 programs of study, all with steadily increasing student enrollments.

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    For student seeking to major in any of the programs offered by the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics appropriate and timely academic advising is of critical importance. Given the interdependence and sequential nature of courses needed for most of the degree programs in the sciences, planning an academic program is no trivial task. Students are strongly encouraged to seek advice from an academic advisor throughout the course of their study at Eastern.  

    Depending on the student's level of specialization, three different tiers of advisors are available to assist students:

    General Undergraduate Advisors (GUAA)

    Freshmen and sophomores who have not yet decided on a particular direction of study may want to seek advising from a general undergraduate advisor from the General Academic Undergraduate Advising Office (GUAA).


    College Advisors

    Terence Geyer, B.S., M. Ed.
    Advisor, School of Computing and Engineering Sciences
    Phone: (509) 359-6254
    Office: 319F CEB

    Sue Murphy
    Advisor, Natural and Pre-Health Sciences
    Phone: (509) 359-6809
    Office: 258A SCI


    Department/Program Advisors

    Students who have chosen or declared a major may be assigned an advisor from the department that offers the program. Typically this advisor is a faculty member who teaches courses in that specific program - someone who knows both the academic program and individual courses first hand. This type of advisor is in the best position to give students advice on their choice of elective courses, senior projects and how courses may be tied to specific careers within the discipline.

    Students who are ready to declare a major may contact the department chair or program director responsible for the program in order to complete the major declaration process and be assigned an advisor. Some programs are directing new prospective majors to first meet with the appropriate college advisor (see below for contact information).

    Department of Biology
    Contact: Sue Murphy (see above)

    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Contact: Dr. Robin McRae, Department Chair,
    Phone: 509.359.2798 

    Department of Computer Science
    Terence Geyer (see above)
    Also see specific advising information related to Computer Science students on this page.

    Department of Engineering and Design
    Contact: Terence Geyer (see above)

    Environmental Science Program
    Contact: Dr. Ross Black, Program Director
    Phone: 509.359-4815

    Department of Geology
    Dr. Jennifer Thomson, Department Chair
    Phone: 509.359.7478

    Department of Mathematics
    Dr. Barbara Alvin, Department Chair 

    Natural Science Education Program
    Contact: Sue Murphy (see above)

    Department of Physics
    Sue Murphy (see above)


    Contact Information

    College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    138 Communications Building
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6244

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