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Frequently Asked Questions for Children's Studies

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    What is Children's Studies?

    A new approach to studying children and childhood globally and reflectively from the perspectives of various disciplines through the following set of shared principles:

    What is unique about the program?

    The Children's Studies program is an interdisciplinary degree that combines educational disciplines, in order to provide students a holistic approach to understanding children's lives and experiences. This approach enables students to develop a "tool box" of skills that allows them, as graduates, to work with a variety of children in different settings and situations. Courses in the program assist astudents in learning to critically examine and reconsider their current perceptions of childhood. In addition, students learn to honor children's rights and the way children understand the world.

    What are the strengths of the Children's Studies Program at EWU?

    What are some career opportunities?

    The major has options: early childhood education, community program development and research.  Students completing a degree in Children's Studies might consider careers such as:

    What is the focus of the curriculum?

    The interdisciplinary Children's Studies major provides students a strong holistic background in the study of the development and learning of children, from birth to adolescence, in a variety of social contexts. Theory and practice from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education, form the foundation for this integrated curriculum. The Children's Studies major will fulfill partial requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

    What are the admission requirements for the program?

    Completion of a high school (or equivalent) degree is required for admission to EWU.  Students considering a major in Children Studies are required to take two years of a single foreign language in high school, or one year of a single college-level foreign language.

    Contact Information

    Children's Studies
    122 Senior Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.4826
    fax: 509.359.6475

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