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Secondary Teaching Endorsement Minor in Chemistry


Description of course work required for get a minor in teaching chemistry

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    This minor satisfies the Washington state endorsement requirements for teaching chemistry in grades 5-12.

    General Chemistry CHEM 151, CHEM 152, and CHEM 153 provide 15 credit-hours of basic chemistry background. Science Teaching Methods SCED 390 (1 credit hr.) and Chemistry Methods in Secondary Schools (1 credit hr.) are required. Students then select nine additional elective credit-hours from a specific list of upper-division courses. See the chemistry department web page for additional information.Satisfies the endorsement for grades 5-12


    CHEM 151, 152, 153 15 credits
    SCED 390 Science Teaching Methods 1
    CHEM 390 Chemistry Methods in Secondary Schools 1

    Select 9 credits from the following electives: 9 credits

    CHEM 304 Quantitative Analy. 6
    CHEM 316 Environ. Chem. 5
    CHEM 319 Modern Inorgan. 5
    CHEM 351 Organic Chem. 4
    CHEM 352 Organic Chem. 4
    CHEM 372 Org. Chem. Lab I 3
    CHEM 421 Physical Chem. 4
    CHEM 480 Biochemistry 5

    Note: This minor is for Education Majors Only!

    Click here for a list of requirements.

    See specifics in the Chemistry and Biochemistry section of the current catalog

    What will I study?

    Students study general chemistry basics, science and chemistry teaching methods and upper-division chemistry to fill in the required 26 credits for this minor.

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    Interesting courses I might take:

    What could I do with my degree?

    Contact Information

    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    226 Science Building
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2447
    fax: 509.359.6973

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