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Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinary option - BS in Chemistry/Biochemistry


Description of pre-med, dent, vet option

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    This course of study is recommended for students planning a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. The option also satisfies requirements for graduate study in related fields of chemical and biological integration, e.g., medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, etc. With respect to medical/dental/veterinary school, course work outlined for the initial three years is specifically designed to meet basic entrance requirements, as well as provide optimum preparation for pre-entrance aptitude examinations (MCAT, DAT, or GRE).  Students accepted into medical school at the end of their third year may leave without completing the bachelor of science degree. Those not accepted usually decide to complete the fourth year of the program to earn a BS in chemistry.

    Pre-medicine, Pre-dentistry, Pre-Veterinary option

    Required Courses: 68 credits

    BIOL 471 Pre-med, Dent, Vet & Pharmacy Preparation (1)
    CHEM 151 General Chemistry (5)
    CHEM 152 General Chemistry (5)
    CHEM 153 General Chemistry (5)
    CHEM 304 Quantitative Analysis (6)
    CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry (4)
    CHEM 352 Organic Chemistry (4)
    CHEM 353 Organic Chemistry (3)
    CHEM 357 Neuropharmacology (2)
    CHEM 372 Organic Chemistry Lab I (3)
    CHEM 373 Organic Chemistry Lab II (3)
    CHEM 395 Internships (1)
    CHEM 421 Physical Chemistry (4)
    CHEM 422 Physical Chemistry (3)
    CHEM 431 Physical Chemistry Lab (1)
    CHEM 432 Physical Chemistry Lab (2)
    CHEM 471 Pre-med, Dent, Vet & Pharmacy Preparation (1)
    CHEM 480 Biochemistry (5)
    CHEM 481 Intermediary Metabolism (5)
    CHEM 482 Integrated Topics in Biochemistry and Biophysics (3)
    CHEM 483 Biochemistry Lab (2)

    Required Supporting Courses: 65 credits
    BIOL 171 Biology I(4)
    BIOL 172 Biology II (4)
    BIOL 173 Biology III (4)
    BIOL 270 Biological Investigation (3)
    BIOL 301 Microbiology (5)
    BIOL 302 Botany (5)
    BIOL 304 Vertebrate Zoology (5)
    or BIOL 303 Invertebrate Zoology (5)
    BIOL 310 Fundamentals of Genetics (5)
    BIOL 490 Bio. Sr. Capstone: Integ. Studies in Physiology-Animal (5)
    MATH 161 Calculus I(5)
    MATH 162 Calculus II(5)
    PHYS 131 Introductory Physics I(4) or PHYS 151 General Physics I(4)
    PHYS 132 Introductory Physics II(4) or PHYS 152 General Physics II(4)
    PHYS 133 Introductory Physics III(4) or PHYS 153 General Physics III(4)
    PHYS 161 Mechanics Lab (1)
    PHYS 162 Heat and Optics Lab (1)
    PHYS 163 Instrumentation Lab I (1)

    Suggested Supporting Courses: (Var) credits
    CHEM 454 Clinical Chemistry (4)
    CHEM 499 Directed Study (Var)
    ENGL 205 Introduction to Technical Communication (5)
    PHIL 445 Biomedical Ethics (5)
    One of the following courses
    Completion of a Computer programming course is strongly recommended.
    (See your Chemistry/Biochemistry advisor.)
    Note: Chemistry majors completing BIOL 490 do not need to take CHEM 491 for graduation.
    The following must be completed prior to or concurrent with taking the MCAT Exam: CHEM 151, 152, 153,351,352,353,372,373,304,480,481; BIOL 171,172,173,270,301,302,304,310,490: MATH 161, 162; and PHYS (131,132,133 or 151, 152,153) and 161, 162, 163.

    Note: The above option will require more than 12 terms to complete at an average of 15 credits per term.

    Click here for a list of requirement and a sample four-year plan.

    See specifics in the Chemistry and Biochemistry section of the current catalog

    What will I study?

    Students will study the basics in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. In-depth course work provides more advanced knowledge in chemistry and biology at the third and fourth year of study. 

    Emphases / Concentrations:

    Interesting courses I might take:

    What could I do with my degree?

    Contact Information

    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    226 Science Building
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2447
    fax: 509.359.6973

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