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Student resources for course planning and on-track graduation

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    To obtain a BA in Children's Studies, students must:

    1. Choose bewtween CDST Options A, B, or C 
    2. Declare their major through Children's Studies (See CDST Advisor)
    3. Complete EWU GECRs (General Education Course Requirements) or be a transfer student*
    4. Meet EWU Math (MATH 115), English (101 & 201), Computer Literacy (CPLA 120) Requirements 
    5. Complete two years of high school-level or one year of college-level foriegn language 
    6. Complete the CDST Core Courses (CDST Catalog)
    7. Complete CDST Option required courses (CDST Catalog )
    8. Complete CDST Option Electives (CDST Catalog )
    9. Complete approved internship/practicum
    10. Complete approved capstone course
    11. Complete 180 univeristy-level credits
    12. Apply to graduate two quarters prior to desired graduation quarter

    *To quailify as a transfer student: must have completed an AA, AAS, AS, or AAS-T, or other DTA degree. This also differs for those on Articulation Agreements

    Course Planning

    The digital planning document requires MS Excel and is designed to be used in conjuction with an EWU SOAR Degree Audit.  Additionally, it is helpful to consult the CDST MAP and Flight Plan.

    Advising Planner

    Instructions: From SOAR, enter the number of credits already completed (only college/university-level credits). Enter the number of needed GECR credits (SS, NS, H), English (E) credits, Math (M) credits, and CPLA (C) credits in the checklist. Enter the year with which you want the calendar to begin. Complete the planned courses in the following quarters being careful to note college-level credits. Also, note the credits you plan to complete SS,NS, H, M, E, and C requiremnts under the quarter they are planned. 

    CDST Course Catalog 


    Flight Plan 


    Course Schedule 

    Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor To:

    Cheney Campus Advising

    Deanna Trella, Ph.D

    PAT 311-T

    Bellevue Campus Advising

    Barbara Culler

    Online Program Advising

    Maria Howes, MSW

    PAT 311-S

    Contact Information

    Children's Studies
    311 Patterson Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6813
    fax: 509.359.6853

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