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The Urban Planning programs offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in urban and regional planning. Both degree programs are professionally accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board.

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    Below you will find a list of the faculty and staff for the Urban and Regional Planning programs. Please call the main planning programs office at 509.828.1218 if you have any questions.

    Dick Winchell FAICP

    Professor and Chair of the Department of Planning & Public Administration
    Phone: 509.828.1205
    Website: Documents/CBPA/URP/Dick G Winchell.pdf

    Education: BA, Wartburg College; MURP, University of Colorado-Denver; PhD, Arizona State University.

    Specializations: Comparative Urbanization, Sustainable Cities (Europe, Asia, North America), Urban Morphology, Tribal Transportation, Community Development, Tribal Planning, Neighborhood Planning, Housing.

    Gabor Zovanyi

    Phone: 509.828.1216
    Website: Documents/CBPA/URP/Gabor Zovanyi.pdf

    Education: BA, University of California, Los Angeles; MCP, San Diego State University; PhD, University of Washington.

    Specializations: Environmental Planning, Growth Management, Sustainable Communities, Comparative Urbanization.

    Kerry Brooks

    Associate Professor
    Riverpoint 375
    Phone: 509.828.1230
    Website: Documents/CBPA/URP/Kerry Brooks.pdf

    Education: BA Western Washington University; MUP, PhD University of Washington.

    Interests span land use and environmental planning, GIS and modeling, image processing, visualization, and research methods.  Foci include open space, land use & morphology, watersheds, and networks. Theoretical interests are connectivity/accessibility, landscape ecology, public participation GIS.  Brooks collaborates on GIS and planning research with a broad range of disciplines and scales.

    María Verónica Elías

    Assistant Professor of Public Administration w/ Planning Assignment
    Riverpoint 320
    Phone: 509.828.1236

    Education: BA, National University of the South, Bahia Blanca, Argentina; M.A. Geography and Urban Planning, University of Akron, OH, USA; Ph.D., Urban Studies and Public Affairs, University of Akron, OH, USA.

    Specializations: Neighborhood Planning, Participatory Planning, Community Organizing, Democratic Theory, Public Administration, Comparative Planning.

    Margo Hill

    Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
    Riverpoint 380
    Phone: 509.828.1269
    Website: Documents/CBPA/URP/Margo Hill.pdf

    Education: BA, University of Washington; J.D., Gonzaga University; MURP, Eastern Washington University.

    Specializations: Tribal Law, Community Development, Tribal Planning and Management, Planning Law, Tribal Economic Development.

    Gregg Dorhn

    Lecturer (Practicing Professional)
    Riverpoint 379
    Phone: 509.828.1212
    Website: Documents/CBPA/URP/Gregg Dohrn.pdf

    Education:  BA, University of Puget Sound; MURP, Portland State University.

    Specializations: Land Use and Comprehensive Planning, Community Facilities, Local Economic Development.

    William Kelley

    Phone: 509.828.1214

    Education: BA, Pan American University; MURP, Texas A&M; ABD, University of Washington.

    Specializations: Transportation Planning, Planning Methods, Small Town Planning.

    Fred A. Hurand FAICP

    Professor Emeritus
    Phone: 509.828.1217
    Website: Documents/CBPA/URP/Fred Hurand.pdf

    Education: B.Arch, Ohio State; MUP, University of Washington; PhD, Pennsylvania State University.

    Specializations: Urban Design, Land Use Planning, Disaster Mitigation, Environment/Behavior Studies.

    Michele Siedenburg

    Management Specialist, NW TTAP
    Phone: 509.359.6828

    Education: BS, Computer Sciences, Eastern Washington University; Master of Computer Sciences, Eastern Washington University.

    Tawnia Penick

    Secretary Senior
    Riverpoint 325
    Phone: 509.828.1218

    Richard Rolland

    Planning, Transportation and Community Planning Consultant, Principal, Rolland and Associates, Coeur d'Alene, ID
    Phone: (509) 359-6829
    Website: Documents/CBPA/URP/Richard Rolland.pdf

    Education: BS, Portland State; MURP, Eastern Washington University.

    Specializations: Community Development, Tribal Planning, Tribal Transportation Planning, Tribal Law, Community Planning, Human Resources and Labor Force Planning.

    Contact Information

    Urban and Regional Planning
    668 N. Riverpoint Blvd, Suite A
    Spokane, WA 99202

    phone: 509.828.1205
    fax: 509.828.1275

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