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MPA Professional Advisory Council (MPAPAC)


The Master of Public Administration degree prepares people for leadership roles in organizations that provide public services or have important interactions with public service organizations. The EWU MPA program's approach to this task is...
                                         "reflective practice with a twist."

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    MPAPAC is composed of alumni and other public service professionals in the greater Spokane community. MPAPAC members are invited by the director to join the council. In addition to seeking public service professionals and alumni perspectives, the director selects members who will add diversity to the council. The council considers both internal activities and external impacts of the MPA program. MPAPAC members participate in assessing the curriculum and other activities of the program and make recommendations to help it better serve the profession, community, region, state and nation.


    Ashley Kelley, Chair
    Juvenile Court Coordinator
    City of Spokane

    Victoria Leuba, Secretary

    Gary Alvarado
    Buck Knives

    Dave Clark
    San Poil Forestry District Officer
    Colville Tribal Forestry

    Gavin Cooley
    Finance Department
    City of Spokane

    Greg Cunningham
    Program Director
    Refugee and Immigration Services Program

    Bamby Fields
    Associate Director
    Office of Institutional Research, Demography, and Assessment

    Roger Flint
    Vice President and Area Manager

    Gerry Gemmill
    City of Spokane

    Darren Holmes
    Executive Director
    Kalispell Tribe

    Patrick Jones
    Executive Director
    Institute for Public Policy & Economic Analysis
    Eastern Washington University

    Charlene Kay
    Development Branch Project Engineer
    Washington State Department of Transportation

    Joanna Moznette
    WSU SpokaneBruce Spencer
    Manager, Product Development
    Group Health

    Michele Vazquez
    Regulatory Assistance Lead
    Governor's Office of Regulatory Assistance
    Eastern Regional Office

    Dorothy Webster
    Assistant City Manager, Spokane [retired]

    Mike Whorton
    Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) [retired]

    Wilma Cartagena
    Civil Rights Investigator
    WA State Human Rights Commission

    Todd Taylor
    Auto Licensing Supervisor
    Spokane County Auditor's Office

    Contact Information

    Public Administration
    668 N Riverpoint Blvd, Suite A
    Spokane, WA 99202

    phone: 509.828.1218

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