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MBA Core Courses


EWU's MBA program prepares graduates to make an immediate
impact on their current career or to prepare for a new career.
Advance your career with EWU's AACSB-accredited,
one-year MBA program.

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    The core courses are designed to provide you with the advanced coursework you will need to become a more valuable employee and one who is able to manage more effectively. You will be given new tools to apply in your current career or to prepare for making a career change. The courses will offer many opportunities to apply business theory and practice real world experiences. The MBA at EWU is designed to equip graduates with required skills, knowledge and abilities to flourish in a complex organizational environment.

    What will I study?

    BADM 520 - Data Driven Decision Making - (4 credits)

    A career in management is likely to involve decision making based on data. It is important to be able to organize and use data appropriately and intelligently to make decisions. This course provides an understanding of the statistical and data analysis tools that are necessary in managerial decision making. It should make you aware of how data analysis tools can be used and misused within an organization.

    BADM 530 - Corporate Finance - (4 credits)

    Analysis of valuation issues and project analysis as well as the relationships between risk, capital structure, cost of capital and dividend policy. Examines contemporary issues and problems confronting financial managers.

    BADM 540 - Marketing Management - (4 credits)

    A study of both the theoretical and applied aspects of the marketing process. Elements of successful marketing strategies, marketing decision-making and the impact of marketing on business.

    BADM 552 - Leadership and Ethics - (4 credits)

    This course inquires as to leaders and leadership from a perspective of ethics. It asks you to think about principled leadership through three complex lenses: personal character, accountability, and pragmatism (ethical action in an uncertain, competitive, and imperfect world). Each of these lenses reflects traditions in moral philosophy and each emphasizes fundamental aspects of leaders' responsibilities. The objective of the course is an integrated understanding of the relationship between ethics and leadership achieved through study of the leader.

    BADM 555 - Strategic Operations - (4 credits)

    This course is a study of business operations practice - including production technology transfer, cause-and-effect for operations problems, operations strategies, and action plans - and their applications to managerial decision making.

    BADM 560 - Decision Making and Accounting Information - (4 credits)

    This course focuses on the use of accounting information and accounting information systems in business decision-making.

    BADM 590 - MBA Capstone - (4 credits)

    The study of administrative processes under conditions of uncertainty including integrating analysis and policy determinations at the overall management level. Includes a synthesis of the principles of administrative management from the generalist's view and integrates prior specialized instruction in the basic functions of business and management. Provides an opportunity to develop a capacity for analyzing problems on a broad company-wide basis.

    Approved elective courses - (20 credits)

    Elective concentrations are available in Accounting, Finance, or Global Business and Economics.

    Other elective options include:



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