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Fall 2010 Newsletter


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    Fall 2010

    CBPA Newsletter

    Welcome to another school year at Eastern Washington University.  We begin this fall term with continuing record enrollments, new faculty, and a new department.  A very big welcome to the faculty and staff in the Economics department as they join the College of Business & Public Administration. 


    Beth Murff, Duanning Zhou, and Harm-Jan Steenhuis were promoted to full professor and Damon Aiken was promoted to associate professor effective this September.  Congratulations!!

    The CBPA and EWU hosted the International Simulation and Gaming Association conference in July.  While attendance was down most likely due to economic conditions, participants expressed their enthusiasm for a well-organized and exciting conference.  Beth Murff deserves special kudos for organizing this successful conference.


    The MBA Alumni Association held their quarterly meeting at the Manito Country Club in May with guest speaker Julie Prafke, founder of Humanix an EWU/CBPA alumnus.  Julie spoke on the role of leadership in making organizations attractive to top-level employees.

    The College saw the retirements and resignations of several faculty members at the end of the academic year – Robert McGinty (retired), Dee Martin (resigned), Doug Orr (resigned), Genieve Briand (resigned) and Eric Hake (resigned).  Best wishes to each of them and appreciation for their service to the University.


    Department Chair Appointments

    Dean Kiefer succeeds Harm-Jan Steenhuis as the new chair for the Management Department.  His term of office is September 1, 2010 through June 30, 2014.

    Tom Trulove was re-elected as the Economics Department Chair also for the period of September 1, 2010 through June 30, 2014.


    New Hires

    Mark Holmgren – Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

    Mark recently completed his PhD in Economics from Washington State University.  He has a BS and MS from Utah State University and has taught at WSU and Brigham Young University.

    Germán Muchnik-Izón – Lecturer in Economics

    German has completed his work on a PhD from the University of New Mexico where he also received his MA.  He will be defending his dissertation this academic year.  He also has a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Boston University.

    Larry Davis – Lecturer of Management

    Larry has a BA and MEd from the University of Texas at Austin.

    Bruce Davidson – Assistant Professor of Accounting

    Bruce just completed all the work for his PhD in Accounting from Florida State University.  He has a BS in Accountancy and Master of Accountancy from the University of South Florida and is a CPA for the state of Florida.

    Arsen Djatej – Associate Professor of Accounting

    Arsen is returning to EWU after having spent the past year at Colorado State University – Pueblo.  Arsen has a PhD in Russian Accounting from Ohio University, a MS in Accountancy/Taxation from Boise State University, and a combined BA/MA from Moscow State University of International Relations.

    Anna Halloran – Project Manager for the Institute of Public Policy and Economic Analysis

    Anna joined the Institute this summer and will be working with Patrick Jones, Mark Wager, and Martina Hernandez on the Community Indicators projects.


    Upcoming Events

    Assessment Plans are due to the College Assessment Committee by October 8.  Program coordinators, please submit your plans to Pam Weigand at

    Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Workshops will begin on Friday, October 15 at Riverpoint.  Lunch and overview will begin at 1:30 in Phase 1, room 316, and conclude with hands-on program in 209 from 2-3 pm.  A schedule of future workshops will be distributed soon with programs on both the Riverpoint and Cheney campuses throughout the year.  For more information about the workshops, please contact Bruce Teague at x1258 or e-mail him at

    Friday, October 22 is the date for the Fall Writing Workshop.  Pam Weigand will be leading this workshop for faculty and staff to learn how to improve the writing skills of the students in our college.  The workshop will be held from 2:30 – 4 pm at Riverpoint, Phase 1, room 225. 

    In addition, on November 5, the Planning Advisory Board will be meeting all day culminating that evening in the 33rd Annual Chili Cook Off.  This year’s event will be held on the Riverpoint Campus in the South Campus Court from 6-10 pm.  More information on both the meeting and cook-off is available by contacting Rose Morgan at or calling her at x1218.


    Faculty e-Information

    Resources for Faculty and Staff:

    Be sure to check out the Forms and Documents link as this is especially useful for forms you need to advise students.

    e-Handbook for Faculty:

    This one is especially useful for faculty as it includes links to many of the sites that faculty need to have access to.

    Academic Calendar:

    The calendar is handy for doing syllabi as it lists the holidays, finals week, and other yearly activities.

    Faculty Resources:

    This one includes the Calendar of Deadlines which is necessary for chairs, department personnel committees, and others needing information on when certain deadlines occur (promotion, evaluation, professional leaves, etc.)


    Faculty Activities

    “An Investigation of Old School Values in the Arena Football League,” co-authored by Damon Aiken, Richard Campbell, Jr., and Ajay Sukhdial was published in the Vol. 19, No. 3, 2010, Sport Marketing Quarterly.

    Chia Wen Lee and Damon Aiken co-authored an article, “Changing Brand Associations in Taiwan:  Nike’s sponsorship of High-School Basketball,” in the May issue of the Journal of Sponsorship.

    KSPS Public Television recently announced that Roberta Brooke has been elected President of the Friends of KSPS Board of Directors for 2010-11.

    Dave Bunting presented his paper, “Micro-Macro Anomalies:  Behavior of Measurement?” in June at the Western Economic Association International conference.

    Over the summer Kelley Cullen and Dave Bunting completed a manuscript review of “Optimal Irrational Behavior” for the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization ranked among the top 50 journals in economics.

    Kelley Cullen participated in EWU’s GEAR UP program this past spring by presenting mock college lectures on economics.  GEAR UP is a program for high school students to visit the University and get first-hand information on Eastern’s programs, tour the campus, and listen to an actual college lecture.  Cullen presented a very realistic and convincing argument through the use of economics as to why students should attend college.

    The Academy of Accounting Historians has notified Mike Doron that he has been awarded the 2010 Vangermeersch Manuscript Award for his paper, “I Ask the Profession to Stand Still:  The Evolution of American Public Accountancy, 1927-62,” which was judged to be the best paper by the committee.  Mike will receive a $500 award and a plaque to recognize his outstanding achievements in historical research.

    Mary Ann Keogh Hoss and Kari Kensinger’s article, “RT in the Community,” was published in the recent publication, American Journal of Recreation Therapy,” Vol. 9, No. 2.

    Qualitative Research Approaches for Public Administration, by Larry Luton, was recently published M. E. Sharpe, Inc.

    In May, Larry Luton presented a talk based on a chapter in his book at the annual meeting of the Public Administration Theory Network in Omaha, Nebraska.

    Susan Megaard had her article, “Scope of the Medical Expense Deduction Clarified and Broadened by New Tax Court Decision,” published in the June 2010 issue of the Journal of Taxation.

    “Contextual Marketing:  Life in the Fast Lane – The Hotrod Tribe,” authored by Jonathan Deacon, Vince Pascal, and Sussie Morrish, was published in the August proceedings of the Annual Research Symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Boston.

    Vince Pascal and Darrel Muehling also were notified that their article, “An Empirical Investigation of the Differential Effects of Personal, Historical, and Non-nostalgic Advertising on Consumer Responses,” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Advertising.

    Harm-Jan Steenhuis continues his extensive and prolific scholarly activity with the following publications and presentations:

    “Ranking Management of Technology Conferences,” by Harm-Jan Steenhuis and Erik de Bruijn, Creating and Managing a Technology Economy, Management of Technology, Volume 3, 2010.

    “Mentors, Their Preparation, and Their Effectiveness in an Undergraduate Operations Management Course,” by Harm-Jan Steenhuis accepted for publication in the International Journal of Information and Operations Management


     “Simulations, Assessment and Student Learning,” by Harm-Jan Steenhuis, Brian Grinder, and Erik de Bruijn accepted for publication in the International Journal of Information and Oeprations Management Education

    “Recent Experience with Transferring Japanese Management Systems Abroad,” by Kodo Yokozawa, Harm-Jan Steenhuis, and Erik De Bruijn published in the Journal of Strategic Management Studies (2010).

    “Technology and Economic Development:  a Literature Review,” by Harm-Jan Steenhuis, and Erik de Bruijn, accepted for publication in the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management.

    “International Transfer of Kaizen:  An Empirical Study of Japanese Manufacturers in the Netherlands,” by Kodo Yokozawa, Harm-Jan Steenhuis, and Erik de Bruijn, presented at the May 2010 conference of the Production and Operations Management Society and published in the conference proceedings, Vancouver, BC. 

    “International Transfer of Kaizen:  Case Studies from Japanese Manufacturers in The Netherlands,” by Kodo Yokozawa, Harm-Jan Steenhuis, and Erik de Bruijn, presented at the International Annual EurOMA Conference, Managing Operations in Service Economies, June 2010, Portugal.  The paper was also published in the conference proceedings.

    “Improving PhD Processes in Management,” by Harm-Jan Steenhuis and Erik de Bruijn, presented at the IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology, June 2010, Singapore.  The paper was also published in the conference proceedings.

    “University Start-ups and the Regional Economy,” by Harm-Jan Steenhuis and Erik de Bruijn, presented and published in the conference proceedings of Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology Conference, July 2010, Thailand

    “The Influence of National Culture on Kaizen Transfer:  An Exploratory Study of Japanese Subsidiaries in the Netherlands,” by Kodo Yokozawa, Harm-Jan Steenhuis, and Erik de Bruijn, presented at the 15th Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium, Cambridge University, UK, September 2010.  The paper was also published in the proceedings.

    Goitom Tsegay attended and contributed to a discussion in a high level academic conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in July at the University of Washington – Tacoma.

    Goitom Tsegay and Nancy Birch were notified that their article, “Determinants of Sales Decision Behavior:  The Case of Real Estate Agents,” has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, Volume 6.

    The Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association announced the outstanding student project winners.  In the Student Projects Category, the EWU South University District Assessment’s project was selected as the winner.  Jurors indicated, “Project well tailored as to scope and outcome.  Project sophisticated and useful but relatively easy to understand.  Seems to have had a real impact on policy makers and influencing outcomes.”  The students received a plaque that will be displayed in the Riverpoint’s display case.

    Dick Winchell had an article published in the September 2010 issue of the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association.  His article concerned a presentation he made as the EWU International Exchange Scholar on Frank Lloyd Wright in Koshien Hall at Mukogawa Women’s University.  Koshien Hall originated as the Koshien Hotel, designed by Arata Endo, with whom Wright collaborated on a building in 1921.

    “The Role of TTAPs in Public Roads,” written by Dick Winchell was published in the 2010 issue of the Northwest Tribal Transportation News.

    Dick Winchell was selected to participate in the Mukogawa Women’s University exchange scholar with Japan and travelled there in June.  Dr. Masako Morita of Japan visited EWU in May and made presentations to classes while here.

    Duanning Zhou attended the China Summer Workshop on Information Management this summer where he presented his paper, “E-Commerce Adoption in Chinese Martial Arts Schools.”  The paper was also published in the conference proceedings.


    Calendar of Events


    October 8 – Assessment Plans Due (contact Pam Weigand)

    October 15 – Technology Enhanced Learning Workshop, 1:30 – 3 pm, Riverpoint (contact Bruce Teague)

    October 22 – Fall Writing Workshop (contact Pam Weigand)

    October 27 – Dean’s Advisory Board

    November 5 – Professional Leave Applications Due to Department Chair

    November 5 – Planning Advisory Board Meeting

    November 5 – Chili Cook Off, Riverpoint South Campus Facility (contact Rose Morgan)

    November 11 – Veteran’s Holiday – no classes

    November 24 – NO CLASSES

    November 25-26 – Thanksgiving Holiday – no classes

    Decemer 6-9 – FINAL EXAM WEEK

    December 14 – Grades Due through EagleNet by 11 am



    Reminders:  Think Green – If you print to the network printers at Riverpoint, please pick up your print jobs.  The quarter has barely started and already the paper is stacking up on the counter with unclaimed print jobs.


    Contact Information

    College of Business & Public Administration
    668 N. Riverpoint Blvd. Suite A
    Spokane, WA 99202

    phone: 509.828.1223
    fax: 509.828.1275

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